How to Reuse Christmas Lights

I love being able to reuse Christmas lights in a new a fun way throughout the whole year. There are so many things that I love about Christmas, especially the lights on the tree. There’s just something so beautiful about the different multi-color lights and different shapes that they come in. In fact, my heart was a little sad because we finally took our Christmas tree down a couple of days ago.

how to reuse christmas lights

There were noo more multi-colored glowing lights from the tree anymore. Am I the only person that loves having a Christmas tree up? I mean, I could probably have one up all year long…if certain people would allow me to and not call me crazy. But if you’re one of my friends or an avid blog reader of  mine, than you already know how much I love Christmas and how happy it makes me all year long.

While we were taking the Christmas tree, it dawned on me that there are so many ways to reuse the Christmas tree lights without having to keep a tree up all year long. EEEEK! Yes. That was a small squeal of delight that I released. Yes. Men squeal over more than just sports activities on TV, too.

I already had a few ideas on mind, but wanted to see what else was out there in the whole land of internet to look at other thoughts and insights. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

First, I found some amazing lights on Christmas Lights Etc, and I was even more excited to see all of the sales that they had going. They actually came up with some pretty cool angles on selling Christmas lights in March!

Then, I found LifeHackery has some great ways to reuse Christmas lights. LifeHackery recommends using them as soft night lights! So, I immediately went to my finished basement and added a couple of strings of light to outline the ceiling edges. Hooray! It looks so amazing! There’s a great multi-colored glow that actually adds to the ambiance I already have. SCORE!

Then I found this SUPER great idea on Pinterest, of course. You can actually reuse White Christmas lights with white paper cups and googly eyes to make them look light ghosts for Halloween!

I need your help to find more ideas of what to do with them! I  think that I have a few to get started on, but I would certainly love your input! Until we talk again, keep the Christmas cheer going strong all year long!

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