DIY Knitted Mini Easter Basket

DIY Free Easter Basket Knitting pattern

I absolutely love knitting, and am always looking for a knitted Easter basket pattern. I mostly especially love design knitting patterns, and have decided to share them with you all! My patterns will always be free to you all, and they’ll always be easy to follow patterns. With Easter coming right around
the corner, I was inspired to do make Easter baskets! I had a couple of ideas in mind. I was really thinking of what to do for table settings and of things to add a little bit of cuteness and charm to. Then I though, let’s make Mini Easter Baskets! You can put these on your tables for decorations, write names on the eggs to create a personalized table setting, or you can make them and fill with treats to add to your Easter Tree. The best part is that these little basket take no time to make, you will only need to know on how to knit on double pointed needles. If you’re not too familiar in knitting on Double Pointed Needles (DPNS), then you can watch the video I attached. I really enjoy the simplicity on how the guy explains it and shows you a couple of tricks that I use to keep my knitting in the round going strong and secure. The video will be posted at the very bottom.  Please enjoy, and keep a lookout for more Knitting Patterns and DIY projects.

Free Easter Basket Knitting Pattern

Materials Needed:
US Size 4 Double Pointed Knitting Needles
1 Skein of your Favorite Colored Yarn (I used Loops & Threads Impeccable in a Pumpkin Color)
1 Tapestry Needle

CO = Cast On
K = Knit
P = Purl
K2GO = Knit 2 Together
RND = Round
STS = Stitches
BO = Bind Off

CO 27 sts and divide evenly over three needles.
Rows 1 – 3: P

step 1

Rows 4 – 14: K (Will measure approximately 1 1/2″)
Row 15: K 7, K2GO, K 7, K2GO, K 7, K2GO
Row 16: K

step 2

Row 17: Cut yarn and leave a tail with approximately 3 1/2″ on it. With Tapestry needle, slowly transfer sts from needles and then pull yarn tightly through to close the gap of sts. Sew a couple of secure sts into the base.

CO 4 sts and knit in garter stitch method (K 1 Row and Purl the next Row) until handle measures 5’s and then BO.
Sew Handle into the basket to where the handle of the basket is sewn into the inside of the rows of the purl sts. In my mini basket, I have the knit side of the handle facing in and the purl side facing out.

step 3

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