DIY NJ Lottery Ticket Scratch Off Christmas Wreath

DIY NJ Lottery Scratch Off Ticket Christmas Wreath

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Blog Meets Brand for New Jersey Lottery. Blog Meets Brand gave me a stipend to purchase lottery tickets, and are responsible for payment.


Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year, especially with the New Jersey Lottery releasing four Holiday themed Instant Games available for the Holiday season! These Holiday Instant Games make perfect stocking stuffers, party favors, and a great gift for anyone that loves playing the NJ Lottery Instant Games. The hardest part of giving any gift, is the whole presentation of giving your gift. I love giving NJ Lottery Instant Games scratch off tickets because it’s stress free and everyone loves them! You never know, YOU could make someone’s Holiday season a VERY joyous one! I’m totally giving my sister, Jeni, these! She loves NJ Lottery Scratch Off Instant Games, right along side her favorite energy drink and cheesecake combo. Special note: Please don’t give those fake lottery tickets. Everyone hates them, and not funny at all. Spread that Holiday cheer!


Now that you have this amazing gift giving idea set in mind—How are you doing to present it? Yes, you can just wrap these Instant Games with wrapping paper and call it a day. However, I think that’s just a drab. So, I’m here to help your creative outlet!


The best part of these DIY craft, is that it’s so super easy to do and will take you no time at all! If you have scissors, tape, and a piece of cardboard…you’ll be good to go! Here’s what you will need for this project:

nj lotterly products

10 – $5 NJ Lottery Holiday Sparkle Tickets

12 – $2 NJ Lottery Holiday Lucky Times 10 Tickets

9 – $1 NJ Lottery Holiday Cheer Tickets


A piece of cardboard to cut and support the wreath (approximately 9 inches in diameter)

1 Big Red Ribbon

Some Holiday Notions (I used white & blue sparkly snowflakes)

Glue dots

Clear Tape



in process photo 1

Step 1: With your $2 NJ Lottery Instant Games Tickets, spread them out and overlap them to make the inner circle of the wreath. Then place small pieces and tape and over lap over the edges on the back.

in process photo 2

Step 2: With the $5 NJ Lottery Instant Win Games, create a larger overlapping circle (in the same manner as in the previous step). Place small pieces of tape on the $5 tickets to keep them in place.

in process photo 3

Step 3 Then with your $1 NJ Lottery Instant Games tickets (I used all green), place them on the back to where just the green front logo and box shows on the front. Right around where the letter “C” in the word Cheer stars. There will be only 1 – $5 ticket that will not get a $1 ticket in place. We need that for the cardboard piece of the project, that you will see in the next photo. Place a piece of tape to tack it in it place. Then flip your whole project over.

in process photo 4

Step 4: Place 3 – 4 glue dots in between the $2 and $5 tickets to tack in place. Then take some of your Holiday notions and glue dots, place them around to add a little extra sparkle and Holiday Cheer to your wreath! Place them in obvious places to where it won’t hurt the ticket. The glue dots will peel/rub off with no issue (as I tested it!).

in process photo 5

Step 5: Flip project back over, and add your cut out piece of cardboard to the back of it. I added 5 pieces of tape to secure tickets into place. I also placed a small hole in the top portion of the cardboard tab.

Additional notes: Once done putting everything together, add your red bow to the string and tie on your loved one’s front door as an added Holiday surprise!

See, it doesn’t take too much effort to make these super amazing NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games Scratch off tickets sparkle and shine even more!


DISCLAIMER: Must be 18 or older to but a lottery ticket. Please play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER®. Parents are urged to think twice about gifting lottery tickets to children. For more information visit New Jersey Lottery.

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