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The Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum’s Bite Is Bigger Than It’s Bark!

shark powerhead vacuum cleaner

I received this product for review. All words and thoughts are my own 100% honest opinion.

Once in a while, a great product comes along and spreads a little bit more sunshine in my home. That’s what the Shark Rocket Powerhead did for me and Stephen! As you all know, I have two of the most amazing pups in the world, Ubi and Delilah. We’ve raised them since they were the tiniest of babies, and are a huge part of our family unit. However, they do something that we just can’t stand…and neither can our allergies. They shed! A lot. Well, it’s mostly Ubi; however, with all of his short hair, you wouldn’t expect it to mostly come from him. Well, it does! At a minimum, we dust and vacuum three times a week (sometimes four, depending on the changing of the seasons).

ubi and delilah

These are my adorable little culprits (Delilah is on the left and Ubi is on the right).  Look at their faces! Honestly, how you can fall in love with them? Yes, they are as sweet as they look. Though, Delilah will bark at you if you’re a new person coming into the house. She’s a little relentless, until you give her a lot of loving and a LOT of petting. Ubi doesn’t care who you are. He’s ready to jump in your love and give you the biggest french kiss, whether you’re a willing participant or not. It’s all about him. There’s just so much hair from that comes along with all of that love.

Yes, I do brush them! In fact, I brush them two to three times a week on the front porch. The hair never stops! Just take a look at my carpet/ You see all of the fine hair just snug as a bug in my rug?

carpet before shark powerhead

I honestly just vacuumed 2 days ago. They’re so lucky I love them (I say in my grumbling voice as I clean). Oh wait! Then there’s my couch! I have a brown fabric knit couch and love seat that’s the single most amazing & comfortable set in the world…but then there’s this haaaaaaiiiirrr.

couch cushion

And yes, we do vacuum our couches when we vacuum the carpets.

I was a little more than excited than any man should be when asked to do a review for a vacuum cleaner. Yet, I was completely ecstatic! I actually saw a preview of it at a blogging convention, and I was pretty astounded at the job that it was doing in their temporary studio setup. So, I already had a heads up of the type of performance that the Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum cleaner had.

Though, I’m ready to see if the proof was in the pudding…and it was! Take a look for yourself.

carpet while vacuuming

You see the canister in the right on the Shark Rocket Powerhead? That’s the catcher of all things hair and dander. Just take a polite look from this distance, you can already see a difference that it’s making. This Shark knows how to the dog hair back!

Let’s take a closer look:

shark powerhead canister and carpet

If you look closely, you will not see one strand of dog hair anywhere embedded in the carpet. Unlike my trusty vacuum cleaner that I’ve had for 3 years, this one got it all PLUS some! If you look at the canister, you’re going to see dust, dander, and even remnants of a powder carpet cleaner! Just for a little little information to make you squeal a little bit: the last time I used the carpet powder on it was about 2 months ago. Yes….2 months! Never mind my other vacuum cleaner has went over this same exact carpet at least 20 times. Now THIS is the type of cleaning that I have been needing.

Of course, I ran it across my couch cushions and it picked up an amazing amount of hair and dander, too!

Here are some key points that I totally love about the Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum cleaner:

  1. It’s super lightweight! It weighs only 9lbs not including the cord. So, no extra strain on the back and wrist.
  2. It has a swivel head, and it doesn’t take a lot of maneuvering to make it go.
  3. I no longer have to move my couches to sweep under them! All I have to do is bend over and squat down, and the Shark fits perfectly underneath.
  4. It has a hardwood floor attachment! It gets every nook and cranny in my house without any issue. All I have to do is pull the release pad in the front. Slide out the carpet brushroll and replace it with the hardwood floor version. It’s super easy to replace the brushroll heads. Pop it out and pop it in. Your’e good to go!
  5. The canister is easy to clean! There’s a foot release button for the canister. All you have to do is pus the button on the side of the canister and it releases the debris inside. What’s even better is that all of the attachments are super easy to clean and maintain. It’s all washable!
  6. I love that it doesn’t take up more space than a mop bucket or broom.
  7. A 5 Year warranty! That should give you some great piece of mind! Most are 1 or 2 year warranties, so I’m loving the 5 year one!

If you’re on the market for a vacuum cleaner that does a more than amazing job, then this is the one for you! Be sure to keep up with Shark on their Facebook Page to keep up with their latest line of home cleaning technology.

Me and my family are super happy about this Shark, and so are our allegies! In fact, we now do less vacuuming because it does the job right the first time.

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