How to Host a Wine Tasting Party Your Friends Won’t Soon Forget

how to host a wine tasting party

Wine tasting parties are a great entertainment option when seeking a change from the same old dinner and drinks with friends. Wine tasting allows you to really delve into your love of fine wines with likeminded individuals, while also expanding your knowledge base of what constitutes a winning selection. Though hosting your own party can take quite a bit of planning, the end result will make it more than worth it.

Choose Your Wines

When choosing wines, it’s a good idea to limit your selection to five bottles. Wine tasting is all about picking up on the subtle differences in flavor and complexity, and any more than five bottles may serve to overpower your palate. Providing a mix of white and red wines is certainly acceptable, but you should be mindful of the order in which you serve them (lightest to darkest is usually the preferred serving order.)

You can even devise a theme for tasting, such as selecting wines that all hail from the same region or state. To ensure all of your guests are well-accommodated, be sure to stock two bottles of each wine. That way one bottle can be devoted to tasting and the second may be used for socializing afterwards.

Plan a Complementary Menu

In addition to a great selection of wines, you’ll also want to make sure your guests have an abundance of tasty snacks to choose from. Don’t forget to pick menu items based on the types of wines you are offering to ensure they are complementary.

For instance, a charcuterie plate can make for a nice pairing with deeper reds. Light and crisp white wines go well with things like fruit and nuts, as well as hors d’oeuvres containing fish or chicken. Chocolate can also be a good selection, as it will bring out some of the richer flavors in your wine.

Set the Mood

While the food and wine selection is certainly important, setting the proper mood should also be taken into consideration. Lighting is a huge concern in this case, with more subtle lighting schemes preferred to ensure your guests feel relaxed.

Music is another method for establishing the appropriate atmosphere. In general, soft, low-tempo background music is preferred to allow your guests to converse easily, though some hosts may prefer something a bit more upbeat to get the party jumping.

There is nothing more appealing than spending an evening with good friends while sampling a delectable selection of wines. By keeping the above information in mind, you can rest assured that your next wine tasting party will be one that your friends won’t soon forget.

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