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When I get asked to go somewhere that involves food, you can almost be guaranteed that I will be there. Whether I’m getting paid to go or not, I love food. There’s no argument. However, when I get asked to go somewhere because it involved one of my favorite foods added into another? I go running there…as fast as I can.

If you’re looking, at some point in your life you have had an OREO cookie. OREO has been making mouths smile since 1912 when they opened their first factory in NYC, and sold their first OREO Cookie in Hoboken, NJ. From then, OREO Cookie has been known as Milk’s Favorite Cookie.

summer of oreo cheesecake

OREO made my life so much better by infusing 2 favorites of mine: OREO Cookies and Cheesecake. If you know me at all, you already know that I have a strong addiction to cheesecake (with no help with my other addiction of Golden Girls). This restaurant that I went to not only a most amazing OREO Cheesecake (Layered with fudge cake, cheesecake with OREO cookies baked in it, cookies & cream marscapone topping, and then a rich fudge outer layer with mini chocolate chips), but they had the biggest, thickest, most delicious OREO milkshake that just added that extra dose of chocolate yumminess that I might, or might not have, needed.

oreo milkshake 2

This OREO milkshake was just insane. The OREO milkshake was topped with a heavy hand of whipped cream and then crumbled OREO cookie pieces on top. So I didn’t have to worry about looking for a cold glass of milk to eat my OREO cookies…they blended it with vanilla ice cream…and just made my day.

oreo cheesecake and milkshake


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