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If you know anything about me at all, then you know that I absolutely LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love everything about it. From lights on the trees, the songs playing on the radio (or my favorite CD’s), the smell of fresh baked goods…it all just puts me in the single most amazing mood that you can ever think of. In fact, I listen to Christmas music throughout the whole entire year. Yes. I am one of THOSE fanatics. I take my Christmas serious!

 I love this tree!
I love this tree!

One of the best parts about Christmas time is being able to sit by the tree with the lights of the tree on, a cup of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, while having some amazing music playing in the background. Having the right Christmas tree really does add to everything, and I’m so picky about finding the right one to use in my home.

About 4 years ago, I thought I had found the absolute best artificial tree to have in my home. That is, until I came across this amazing tree by ULTIMA™. It’s called the ULTIMA™ tree. This company has really thought about all of the small and amazing details in building a fantastic quality tree, while giving you control over the type of lights you want to have glowing through the course of the night.

Not only that, but I have to tell you that this is the fastest tree to setup and take down. In fact, I timed myself. It took me just a little over 45 minutes to set everything up, and then take it all down and packaged up. This duration also allowed me to take some quick videos and a few photos of the whole process.


TheULTIMA™ Tree touts its amazing Wrap & Strap storage system. You see, you build each layer of tree from the bottom up. Each layer of the tree is wrapped with 2 white straps.ULTIMA™ Tree then has each layer numbered so you know which one goes first and last. Say good bye to those heinous color coded tree branches that you have to try to remember which is which and what goes where, and then just to be thrown back in the box all jumbled up. It’s  nightmare and takes us a good 1 1/2 hours to put the tree up.


The photo above shows how each layer of the tree is wrapped and numbered.


When putting your tree together for the first time, you have to make sure that it’s twisted into place until it it’s nice and snug tight. Not too tight, or you can mess it up and strip it. You’ll know when enough is enough. When it’s locked in place, then let those branches fall into their homes. Done! Look how easy it is to do!


See this picture here? See how the tree is leaning a little bit? This is totally my fault. Don’t me. Don’t be a man and not read the instructions! After I made sure that all the layers were twisted and tightened into place, my Ultima Tree stopped leaning. Also…the lights came on! I did a little bit of yelling and cussing because I thought the lights on the tree were broken. Nope. It was just me being a typical man. Yes…even gay men hate to read instructions all of the time.


Now don’t yell at me just yet. I know I didn’t take the time to fluff the tree and all of that lovely jazz, but I am doing this for a reason! I have something SUPER spectacular to show you that I have never seen on any type of artificial tree. Let me preface by saying this: I am one of those people that like to wrap lights on the inside of the tree to help create that extra special glow. Do you see something in this tree that no other tree has? I’ll point it out real fast. Look at the inside of the tree along the posts. There are LIGHT discs inside of them to help create extra illumination!


Do you see why I added this picture in? Yes…it has a choice of MULTI-COLORED LIGHTS, TOO!! I’m in heaven. Seriously. One night I can have an all white light tree, and the next night (or same day…don’t judge me) I can have a multi-colored light tree. What can get better? How about that the lights on the trees, at the click of a button, can do different light effects for you! I’m posting some videos below to show you!

But first, here are some different shots of my tree!

A nice side shot of my tree

You can have an all white light tree with a Flashing showing:

You can have a multi-colored flashing light show:

You can have a mixture of a white and multi-colored flashing light show:

Then there’s something that I call the “Flash Dance” of a mixture of happy lights dancing around the tree:

Then you have what I call the Psychodelic light show. This one is super fun!

This tree is truly magical and fabulous. Here are some great perks JUST for you and JUST for reading this lovely post about my Christmas addiction!

First and foremost, this tree has a 10 year Guarantee! It covers the tree branches, stand and the lights only, and does not cover the product packaging or storage components.

ULTIMA™ has 680 energy-saving LED lights which go from clear to multi-colored, and change patterns with the touch of a foot pedal. But that’s not all. These lights receive their power from connections inside the pole, which means you can skip the annual cord hunt this year. Finally, for additional glow, there are 60 LEDs along the rings on the tree trunk which light up when the tree’s lights are set to clear. This is just a fabulous and smart addition.

I love this tree for everything that my Christmas heart can love it for. It’s going to save me a ton of time for putting up and taking it down. So now, I can leave it up all year long! Or at least I can put it up during the year at any time that I want to…because that’s how easy it is to use!

Right now you can receive $100 off and free shipping when purchasing your own ULTIMA™tree using Promo Code MOMSOCIETY  


I want to thank my readers, and ULTIMA™tree for making this possible. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday, and a Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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We received an ULTIMA™tree specifically for this review. I assure you all words and opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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  1. WOW your tree is BEAUTIFUL!! I’m telling you the ULTIMAtree is awesome and I love the enhancer lights in the middle of the tree….what a cool concept!

  2. If I already commented you can always delete this one but I don’t see the comment moderating. You are so cool showing all of the videos of the different colors and patterns. I love that you can have white or color lights. I also like that you can have both. lol. When my kids were little we always did color but when they got older I went to white. The nice thing about this tree is you wouldn’t have to buy all new bulbs.

  3. I found you site on a search for ultima Christmas tree leans. I just bought one of these trees which as you note is well constructed. The 10-year warranty attracted me. However the company ceased operations in March 2018 – a full 8 months before I bought my tree at Menards. So I’m not sure who backs the generous warranty. My problem is that my tree leans and I am concerned that it could come down on an unsuspecting family member. I note that you seemed to have fixed that problem. I would like to know your secret. I have about 2 weeks to return the tree to Menards for a cash refund if I can’t figure out how to fix the problem. We love the tree except for the lean. Thanks.

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