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My 12 Favorite DIY Halloween Costumes

100 Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

12 Creative Halloween Costumes DIY – Part 1

Did you really think you would find over 100 Halloween costumes here? Whew, that would take a lot of work…and not sure if you would make it through the whole list before needing a cup of coffee or a Redbull to keep you awake! lol. With that in mind, look for more posts in a series of Halloween Costume Ideas! In addition, there will be over 100! I have found a TON of great DIY and creative costume ideas on the web. I tried to find the most creative, simple, obscure, green and recycled item Halloween Costumes from around the web! I have to say that I came across the most adorable costumes for kids made from everyday items! If you love craft projects, You’re going to LOVE most of these! It will also give you some creative juices to get more ideas! My sister has 8 kids! I already know she’s going to be using some of these ideas. Whether you’re

thrifty, on a budget, green concious, or a crafty and creative person, I sure hope you enjoy these! All of them have pictures associated with them, so it’s easier to figure out. Most of them have the tutorials! So, you won’t be left out in the dark trying to figure them out. Please Read the bottom of the post, I’ve found so many great ideas from other great bloggers and mainstream websites. When you’re done reading through here, check out my other list of Halloween Costume Ideas Here (just click!)

Do you have any other Halloween costume ideas? Please feel free to share them! Do you have pictures? Even better! Please share all of your pictures with me. I would LOVE to see them, even from past ones you’ve done. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments!

Here Are 12 of My Favorite Costume Ideas That I Found

These use Everyday Clothes and makeup. You might want to ask if other people have certain types of styles of clothes available, or you can take a quick trip to your local Thrift Store (The GoodWill is definitely one of my favorite places to go!).

1. Marty McFly from Back To The Future Costume Idea!

Marty McFly Back To The Future Halloween Costume Idea

As you can you see, simple clothes! You just have to make sure you have that orange down vest! You can also add in a pair of retro or old school sunglasses to seal the deed for this costume.

2.  Indiana Jones Costume Idea

Indiana Jones Halloween Costume Idea

Find a Dusty leather hat (probably from grandpa’s closet, or maybe a more “adventurous friend”) a leather satchel, dress down in some khaki pants and dress shirt with a brown leather belt, and you’re ALMOST good to go! One last finishing touch, the leather whip. Here’s what you need for that: brown or black leather belts that you can cut down into long strips. Find matching tape and you’ll need a handle for the whip. Try using an old broken flashlight or wooden tennis racket. Tape the leather strips around the handle, and then braid downwards! Go Indy! To The Temple of Doom!!

3. Mark Zuckerberg From Facebook Halloween Costume

This is probably going to be a favorite this year! Laugh, if you will. But, let’s “face” it. Facebook is the deal, and Mr. Zuckerberg is all over the place. to get ready for this role, pretend that you’re still a dirty college student who thinks he’s the poop! Throw in a robe, somewhat tacky pajama bottoms (I regret to say, but I have similar Pj’s like Mark!), and ringer shirt, and some slide on Adidas flip flops (which most people have any way), and you’re golden! Here’s a hint, don’t wash your hair for a couple of days. Get it greasy like his lol.

4. Gorton’s Fisherman Halloween Costume Idea

Gortons Fishman Halloween Costume Idea

This is gonna be a great and easy one! Dress in yellow!! Rain parka, hat, and boots! Though, you’re going to need to grow some facial hair…or at least find some fake ones. If you’re in pinch, just use some eye liner and start drawing out some lines of a beard! If no one gets who you are, start singing, “Trust a Gorton’s Fishermaaaaann…” Then they’ll get it lol. Carrying a Fishing pole is optional, but if you do…please, for the love of all that’s holy: Take out of the fishing hook! Unless, you’re trying to catch a hot date (Insert dry laugh).

5. Dwight From The Office TV Show Costume

Okay People, this is going to be a no brainer! First of all, this guy is cute as all get out (the little boy, not Dwayne lol). All you need is a gaudy patterned 80’s tie, a short sleeved shirt, khakis, dress shoes and some glasses! Ta-dah! Done. This is another one that you might not want to wash your hair for. If need to make your hair look greasy, there are tons of cheap hair product out there. If not, then I recommend using baby oil or a body lotion of sorts. Not only will you look the part, but your hair will feel amazing after you wash the product out!

6. Myth Busters TV Show Halloween Costume Idea

Myth Busters TV Show Halloween Costume Idea

Who knew what a little orange hair color, different colored eye liners, glasses, a hat and some clothes could do for someone? Instant change-o! There’s not a lot to this one guys and gals. I do recommend using some iron-ons usage for an old t-shirt. A little quirky statement goes a long way. I don’t recommend saying, “Please, do not try this at home.” People will get tired of it, and will more than likely be a party buzz. Though, it is cuter coming from a kids’ mouth! People expect that, most especially because children tend to be more dramatic and well…funnier.

7. Honey Boo Boo Child Halloween Costume Idea

Yes! That’s right! I’m going there…honey boo boo chiiiiiiiilllld! This is a gonna be an easy one! First, and very important prop, you will need a Mountain Dew Bottle with a straw. Why? Cause it’s your Go Go juuuuice! It makes you get up and go. Wear pig tails OR use LOTS of hair spray in rollers! One of the biggest (no pun intended) ideas I’ve seen populating the net is everyone is wearing a pink ballerina outfit (tu-tu, princess tiara and all)! You’ll be able to find most of these products from the local dollar store. Pink Body suit? Meh…good luck with that one! Lol. Kidding, but try one of your local dance studios to see if you can borrow one! The most IMPORTANT thing is to get your sassy attitude set and ready to go. Cause, Honey Boo Boo Child doesn’t play. She goes goes goes goes goes goes goes goes goes! Thank you special juice!

8. The Ring – Dead Girl Halloween Costume Idea

The Ring Halloween Costume Idea

If you have long, dark hair (or can borrow an old Cher Wig lol), then this is gonna be great and easy to do! Simply find a hospital style nightgown.  To get your night gown ready, take it out to your yard and get it all dirtied up! Rub the nightgown around in the ground. It’ll probably be better if your make a little mud to keep it nice and dirty. If you have some charcoal (the kind you use for the grill), then rub some around the edges of the dress and smear a little bit more around.  Then wet the nightgown, and repeat the dirtying process. Brush your hair forwards, and use lotion or baby oil to create that stringy hair effect. Now you’re ready to crawl out of the your next TV set!

9. Alfalfa from The Little Rascals Halloween Costume Idea

Alfalfa from the little rascals halloween costume idea

Who could EVER forget this little guy? You’re going to need some good hair gel, and possibly hair spray. Part your hair down the middle with a comb, and give your hair that wet look! The most important trademark hair style is the Spike in the back! Gel it up, and use a hair dryer on low heat. You’re going to need to hold the hair in place until it’s dry. Reinforce that spike with some hairspray. Now, all you need is a bow tie, suspenders, and a pair of dress pants.Make sure your dress pants are rolled up and don’t forget to wear some penny loafers. Yes, I said penny loafers! You know you have a pair in your closet. Don’t deny it!

9. Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Idea

How can you NOT love the Gaga? Another super easy idea! You’re definitely gonna want a wig for this. This way, you can spray paint it a different hair color, or use hair dye (preferably: blue, pink red, or white-blonde). Keep the foundation make-up simple. You’re going to need an eye liner to create a rock star style pattern over one eye. As far as clothes go, you could probably just throw some meat on your body and call it a costume! The more outrageous you are dressed, then more people will know you ass the Lady Gaga! That and matching awesome boots or shoes, and baby..you were born that way! Don’t forget to wear some cool chunky jewelry.

10. Jason Vorhees  – Friday the 13th Halloween Costume Idea

Jason Vorhees Friday the 13th costume idea

A lot simpler than you think! Dirty layered clothes, a hockey mask, dirt, red nail polish, some tape, silver spray paint and cardboard! Cutout a cardboard machete. Use a thicker type of cardboard so the machete doesn’t look too flimsy.Use some brown tape to wrap around the handle to crate a knife handle look. Rub some old plain colored clothes and the mask around in the dirt and mud. For the flood effect, use red nail polish (or even lipstick…someone’s gotta have some laying around somewhere) to create a bloody effect. Scary scary!

11. Zack Bagans from Ghost Adventures Halloween Costume Idea

Yes, yes, yes! Who doesn’t wanna be a Ghost Adventures character?? Everyone’s going to easily recognize you, especially if you have the muscles. If you don’t, no worries. Get some ace bandages to wrap around your arm and chests. You’re going to need a LOT of hair gel the slicks down the sides and points up in the front. To finish the outfit, you are going to dress in all black with black style combat boots. A little FYI, your black t-shirt should be form fitting and some sort of wrestling logo and urban logo on it. Sunglasses ALWAYS finishes a look 🙂 Also, it doesn’t hurt to act a little on the douche side and keep out on the look for “voices” and such. You should DEFINITELY carry a digital recorder, if you have one or can borrow one.

12.  Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie Royal Wedding Costume Ideas

 Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie Royal Wedding Halloween Costume Ideas

You are going to be a HIT when people see in these outfits, and people will TOTALLY know who you are!! Who else BUT  Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie! Here’s what you’re going to need. Find so atrocious, hideous and out of this world hats to REALLY complete the outfit. If you can’t find one gaudy enough, then proceed to your front yard to look for bird feathers! You can dye these bird feathers with the same color of your outfit! Though, you can always use a magic marker. Also, find some Ribbons and do-dads to glue to the hat (You can even use pipe-cleaners and big flat ribbon to add to the height of everything). Make sure the dress shoes you wear are plain and simple, hopefully khaki or light brown. Also, Don’t do anything with your hair. TO make it more ridiculous, just go ahead and tease your a bit. Keep it messy. Wear black eye liner, and light makeup. You don’t want to distract for your royal attire. It would be very becoming.

I hope you enjoyed all of these DIY projects. If you have some ideas or pictures, please send them in! I would love to see them. Keep on the lookout for the rest of the 100 holiday costume ideas to come!!

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