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What’s My Passion?

whats my passion

I recently came up with a topic for a great group of bloggers, and that topic was “What’s your passion?” In tying in passion with why we blog and do what we do on a daily basis. You would really think that this could be a really simple question, but it’s not for me. Why? Well, because I have many passions. However, one of my biggest passions in life is my family…but I will get to that momentarily. Until I get to that, let me tell you why I actually started blogging in the first place. Yes, you could easily get some part of my answer from my About me page, but why make you go there…when I can go into greater details for you in this post.

My Journey Began

About 3 1/2 years ago, I was jobless. I was on unemployment and barely able to make ends meet. In fact, I was 3 months behind on my car payment and about to lose my only mode of transportation. This was my starting point of learning how to coupon. I became obsessed! I was getting so many food and personal care products for free and so super cheap. I became an extreme couponer! From there, I wanted to teach people what I was learning…what deals I was getting for free and super cheap…how it can be done…and how anyone can do it!

I changed paths of writing because it was really so much work for one person to do. I realized that my real passion was food. What people can eat on a tight budget, and how people can make food look really beautiful with very little effort. Food is definitely one of my top passions. I actually used to joke about why I went to the gym: I work out so I can eat food! It wasn’t a lie at all! Not one bit.

My Biggest Passion: My Family

My biggest passion is my family. I would do anything in the world for them. My family knows this. My family knows how much I absolutely love them, and that I would walk to the ends of the Earth for them. Between couponing to get them products, helping them make money, and cooking food for them. I love showing my love for them through food…and they can taste it with every bite…with every bit of love and effort that I put into to.

In fact, I moved from Georgia to New Jersey so I could be closer to my aging Grand Parents and my Aunts & Uncles. I didn’t want to miss out on their lives. However, I traveled back and forth the I-95 corridor as much as I could to visit everyone as often as I possibly could.

I have two other passions in life: My faith and education.

My faith is something very personal to me. I’m not ashamed to talk about my religion and personal relationship with God. I don’t go church, and haven’t been to church in a really long time. However, my faith hasn’t wavered at all…and it never will. I love Him and He loves me. That’s all I really need to know and am great with! Some people don’t understand my faith, but that’s okay. It’s not meant for them to understand. I’m just here to be a light to others and spread the love.

As for education goes, I’m a firm believer in a great education. I love learning, and am constantly learning everything that I possibly can at any given time.  I feel that we should strive to learn something new every day, or at least stay on the path of always wanting to learn. I don’t feel that you can really say that you’re an expert or professional in something, without always learning something new or continuing to learn.

So, that’s why I do what I do. I want to help you all along your path of life and learning how to make amazing food with simple and delicious ingredients. I hope you love my recipes, reviews, and things that I write to share my life with you. As you know, my life is open book for you all. From my inner most secrets, joys, sadness, happiness, and motivation. I’m here to share that with you to let you know that my digital life I share with you is something real. Not something that I simply made up or fabricated. I hope that you continue on in your journey life and keep reading  my posts! Follow your passion(s) in life! You can never go wrong!

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