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Buddy Yums Product Review

Buddy Yums All Natural Dog Treats


Buddy Yums All Natural Dog Treats Product Review

If you know anything about be, then you know that I absolutely love my two children:  Ubi & Delilah. Yes, they are more than just my dogs…they are my children. I’m always on the prowl of finding them amazing food, treats, toys, and anything you can them. Yes…they are spoiled…a lot…and they know this! Normally, I’m the one that gets to do product reviews and test things out…but not this time! This time it’s all about them. Buddy Yums approached me to see if I would be interested in reviewing them if they provided me with products. Of course, I had to say yes! What really helped me make the decision was being sold on the fact that they treats are All Natural AND Handmade, so there’s no machine that’s making them in molds by the 1,000’s. You can learn more about Buddy Yums and their philosophy by visiting their website.  They have their own online shopping store where you can purchase these amazing treats.

As soon as we opened up the box of goodies, and pulled out the bag of Strawberry Bars with Vanilla & Strawberry Dots…my pups were all over it. My little boy, Ubi, couldn’t wait to get his little paws on it.

ubi n delilah 2


They were just as anxious in eating them as I was in having them try the treats out! Though, they are patient little boogers. They are trained to sit & stay until I tell them to go and get their treats. I just love them so much! Can you tell that they are staring a hole through their treats they’re about to eat?

ubi n delilah


The strawberry bars were a HUGE success, just in case you couldn’t tell with how busy they are with their treats. Though, don’t mind Ubi. He pretty much devoured his Buddy Yums all natural treat within seconds. Only crumbs were left…for another couple of seconds, that is.

Ubi ate his in mere seconds!
Ubi ate his in mere seconds!
Delilah is loving her Buddy Yums!
Delilah is loving her Buddy Yums!

Though, they weren’t done yet. I didn’t want to over do them with treats, so I gave it out to them over the course of 2 months. This way, I could really tell which ones they liked or didn’t like. Honestly, they liked them all! I was little shocked, especially with my Delilah. She can be a little picky with her treats, but enjoyed every single last one of them. Delilah’s a funny little girl. When I was testing out a few treats with them that were filled with either a Turkey center or a Liver center, she would eat the center first…and then eat the rest! Ubi could care less…he wanted all of them for as fast as I could give them to him. My little man.

The following are photos of all of the treats that they got to sample. In the photos, you’re going to notice their product numbers with them, too. This way, when you visit the Buddy Yums Shop, you can make sure you’re picking out the right products! They have a ton of different all natural treats to choose from, and I certainly can’t wait to get some more for my 2 little children!

banana trainers 530

blueberry with strawberry center

broccoli carrot with liver center

broccoli carrot with turkey center

broccoli-carrot trainers

carrot trainers

carrot veggie yums

carrot with liver center

liver with turkey center

strawberry sample

strawberry trainers

strawberry with strawberry center


As you can tell by looking at all of the photos I took, Buddy Yums actually takes  a lot of pride in care in both flavor and shapes of their different treats. So they taste good AND look good!

All three of us highly recommend Buddy Yums’ treats! I approve of them because they are made with all natural ingredients, and the pups approve of them because they taste great and not the same old boring flavors that a lot of other dog treat companies have.

Go and visit the Buddy Yums Facebook Page and tell them I said Hi!

Oh, if you don’t believe me that they know Buddy Yums all natural treats by name, you can watch the quick video below with their reactions just by saying, “Buddy Yums!”


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  1. Aaaaaaahhhhhh! Your dogs are SO CUTE! I am going to check out the Buddy Yums and see if they have any treats for big dogs like my two fur babies. Some of those even look good to ME!

    1. I have to say that I have been tempted to eat some of them myself! lol. And thank you, I sure love my babies a ton! 😀
      And look at your two babies! So adorable!

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