Best Educational Apps That Help Students With Homework

I am always on the lookout for great educational apps, especially ones that kids can use with homework or to keep their brains stimulated outside the classroom. It can be tough to keep them focused when they want to be on their phones or tablets all the time. My best solution is to download some of these great educational apps they will love using while helping them to also get their homework done like needed.

These are some of the best educational apps that help students with homework!

Best Educational Apps That Help Students With Homework

First, focus on their individual needs. The best educational apps for homework aren’t just about playing games that teach them, but about helping them to focus on the tasks they need to complete for school. You will have to figure out which of these work best for individual age groups. Most of these are fairly generic when it comes to ages. They can work for younger students through high school or beyond. Some, however, are geared toward specific ages and educational abilities.

Evernote: Evernote is one of my favorite apps to have on my phone for my own personal use, but it is also excellent for kids to use for school. Not only can they take simple notes from their phones, they can access those notes from any device. That means they can take notes on their phone for ideas about a project with other classmates, then come home and login to their laptop and access it online to work through the notes and create a great outline. It is also a great source for creating a functional calendar that can be synced with multiple accounts to share among family members if needed.

Google Drive: Google Drive is the free storage platform also offers your kids the options of creating documents, spreadsheets, and even slide shows. It is the ultimate free program offered by Google, and as far as educational apps go, it is one of my favorites. It’s not a tool to teach, but to store. That makes it ideal for saving reports, notes from class, or simply to share information with you or their teacher in an easy to use format.

Kahn Academy: If it involves mathematics, Kahn Academy is the place to go. This app and website is one of the best you will find for beginner and advanced mathematics tutorials, reviews, and even full curriculum used by many homeschooling families. There are tons of great options within this app for review, checking their work, or even looking at science and engineering projects as well as mathematics. You can’t go wrong at any age level with installing this educational app for your kids to use for homework or review time.

My Homework: The My Homework app is perfect for keeping track of assignments that are due. Adding assignments into this app gives you a chance to give yourself reminders so you won’t forget to finish them before they are due. You can even sort your assignments by due date or class for easy sorting.

Meta Calculator: While your school may still require the graphing calculator, the Meta Calculator app gives you the same tools in one simple app on your phone. It’s perfect for doing homework, saving money on school supplies, or for having a backup in case the calculator is left at school.

Study Blue: If you need a lot of review, the Study Blue app is a great choice for creating flash cards. It works for almost any subject, and is a perfect way for your kids to use their phones to actually work on school. One of the best things about this app is the fact you can make text, image, or audio flash cards.

DuoLingo: The DuoLingo app is a perfect way to learn a second language. Students can use it to help with review for their French or Spanish class in school. It’s a great easy to use app with various levels to help beginners or advanced education in language.

Scribd: One of the best resource tools out there is this little app – Scribd. It’s a great tool or library if you prefer, to find resources, information, and notes on many subjects. While it isn’t a resource you can cite in your work in class, you can use it to narrow down resources you need to find in your local library.

InClass: This app is perfect for the student who is actually allowed to have their tablet in class. It allows you to take notes in audio, visual, and text form right in class. That makes it easy to make sure you remembered things correctly since they are recording live notes. InClass is just amazing!

Mathway: If your student has trouble with math problems, Mathway is one of the best educational apps they can download to use. It helps guide the student through the steps to solve many different types of math equations to not only reach their answer, but effectively teach them the process.

ToDoMatrix: This is another great app to help track due dates on assignments. You can create folders and tasks and easily organize everything to keep track. It is ideal for keeping track of high school or college assignments. Try out ToDoMatrix!

Study Aid: This great app is a flash card app that allows you to quickly swipe left or right to see answers or further clues to questions. It’s perfect for solitary review. Set up your questions and answers, then use them for a fun and easy way to review. Study Aid will be sure help out greatly.

These educational apps are perfect for helping kids study and handle their homework. Whether they need apps that help review items, or something to stay organized, this list is a great place to begin. Start downloading apps today to make it easy for your kids to stay on track for school this year with ease.

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