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12 Clever Kitchen Products Your Kitchen Needs

I love Clever Kitchen Products that I can actually use, and not just something that I might use one day, or something that looks cute…but doesn’t work.

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You may think you own every single kitchen product you’ll ever use BUT you’re entirely wrong! I can wager that you can find at least ONE item on this list of clever kitchen products that you’ll have to make your own. If you’ve ever had issues keeping a ziploc bag open or cleaning your microwave, there’s a kitchen gadget for that!

What makes it a “clever kitchen product”? If it makes your life easier in the kitchen, we can agree it’s a hack, trick, tip, and a clever kitchen product right?

Taking your kitchen to the next level with tech and gadgets doesn’t have to break the bank either, and we’ll show you just that! Love Kitchen appliances? Take a look at these awesome Small Kitchen Appliances.

Stove and Counter Gap Cover – The Clever Kitchen Product You NEVER Knew You Needed!

If you have that gunk or spillage between your stove and counter then this is the kitchen helper for you. You just stick it in the gap and it makes it easy to wipe clean after cooking, especially with grease messes and sauces.

bags in stands for clever kitchen products with food in them

Gallon Bag Stand/Holder (One of MY Fave Clever Kitchen Products I Use often!!)

We’ve all struggled with getting the bags open when we’re trying to put leftovers up. This bag holder solves that with a genius way to stand them up AND hold them open while you fill them. These are also easy to wash and store and helpful for meal prepping!

Collapsible Colander – Color Coded & Awesome!

If you have the issue of storing large colanders and washing all those measuring cups, problems solved! This collapsible colander (with measuring cups) makes it easy to strain, measure, store, and save space all in one!

Adjustable Measuring Cup

If you bake on a regular basis this adjustable measuring cup is perfect for you. You just twist it down to your needed depth, fill, and then just twist the plunger and turn and out comes your ingredient. (This is especially easy to use with solid ingredients like butter/margarine).

garlic press clever kitchen product in green with huge bulb of garlic

Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel Garlic Press

If garlic is a staple in your cooking and you hate the smell of it stuck on your hands, a garlic press is something you NEED. This exact one allows you to peel, slice, grate, and dice all in one. The blades on this are also stainless steel so perfect for long lasting use.

Goodful Grater Food Prep Bowl

This grate bowl is AMAZING! No more mess when you try to grate your own ingredients. Just put the desired lid on the bowl and grate away. All your ingredients are kept inside the bowl underneath. (This bowl is 5 quarts!)

Chicago Metallic Cupcake/Batter Dispenser

If you’re always making a mess when you make cupcakes, pancakes, or anything with a batter for that matter, this is something you HAVE to get for your kitchen. A simple no mess way to pour your batter in and just squeeze out what you need from the bottom. No fuss no mess.

Angry mama microwave cleaning clever kitchen product

Microwave Cleaning Mama (Angry Mama)

So not only is this little kitchen gadget cute it’s also usable in a really clever way. You fill this up with water then when placed in your microwave, the steam (that comes out of her head) will loosen up the the dirt and gunk inside. Super easy to use, clean, and makes the microwave way easier to clean.

chicken on a cutting board with food prep drawers clever kitchen products item

Cutting Board with Food Prep Drawers

So how many times have you cut something up and then in the process of putting it into your bowl or container you’ve dropped pieces? This cutting board is a super clever kitchen product with that it has a built-in spot for prep bowls makes that a thing of the past.

Just chop/cut and slide it right into the storage bowl below the cut-out. Then you store the containers in the fridge! This makes me want to meal prep more often than I do.

cauliflower tools a clever kitchen products one white board

Chef’n Stalk Chop Cauliflower Prep Tool

If you’re using cauliflower in more of your recipes in the new year to be healthy them be sure to grab one of these cauliflower prep tools. Simple step to take the stalk out and then you can chop/cook as desired. (Hack tip, you can also use it on broccoli and other veggies too)

Silicone Food Savers

Tired of wasting leftovers and having food go bad? These silicone lids can be used on bowls or directly on foods like watermelon. Easy to wash, store, and reuse on a regular basis. This set comes with 14 pieces total! This is another one of my favorite clever kitchen products that’s super useful!

Herb Shears

If you grow or buy your own herbs to cook with, herb shears are going to be your best friend. Skip using your good sharp scissors and use these amazing shears with five blades to cut up your herbs perfectly. (It also comes with an herb stripper so you can get off the unnecessary parts before cutting up your herbs as well)

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