The Best Homemade Mozzarella Sticks With Mezzetta Sauce


homemade cheese sticks with sauce

With fall coming around the corner, my family tends to get together more often for family meals and enjoying time spent with each other. Currently, my little family seems to be getting bigger and bigger…and the travel to get to each other is pretty simple nowadays. With a family of 7, I am always finding quick, simple, and healthy meals to prepare for all of us. Why me? Well…because the kids pretty much stated that no one else is allowed to cook except “Uncle David.” Which is fine, and I will take the compliment every day of the week! With the help of Mezzetta, I seem to be finding faster and easier meals to make for everyone.

I completely trust the Mezzetta brand, as they don’t have any added sugar or preservatives. Plus, they work with REAL farmers…and not corporate farmers. That means that their products will have a much higher quality and flavor profile to them. That means a lot to me with all of these mouths I have to feed. Mezzetta has a lot of different flavors for me to “play around with” in the kitchen. This way, I don’t always have to make some kinda of boring pasta dish to add these amazing flavors to. “What kind of flavors do they have available?”, you ask? They have: Traditional marinara, Tomato & Sweet Basil, Spicy Marinara, Roasted Garlic and Caramelized Onions, Wild Mushroom, and Parmesan, Asiago, & Romano. The last one with Parmesan, Asiago & Romano totally inspired me to make some homemade mozzarella sticks!

When I was in college, I worked a pizza place that made the absolute best mozzarella sticks! This recipe is based off of theirs that I have to share with you all, and you’re going to love it! It’s super simple and completely delicious!

Mezzetta is wanting you to #FallForFlavor this Autumn! I’m falling for flavor AND in love with Mezzetta’s new sauces! I’m also in love with an amazing giveaway they’re having! You could have a chance to win a HUGE prize package! Here’s what the package includes:

  • Grand Prize (1): Perfect Pasta Night. Cooking kit includes: Six (6) Mezzetta® Napa Valley Homemade™ Pasta Sauces + Dried Pasta + Apron + Grocery Tote + Chef’s Hat + Cheese Grater + Recipe Cards + $500 grocery gift card
  • Runner Up Prizes (10): Six (6) Mezzetta® Napa Valley Homemade™ Pasta Sauces + Recipe Cards

Sounds pretty fabulous to me! Now, onto the amazing recipe! Enjoy the quadruple cheesy flavors!

The Best Homemade Mozzarella Sticks With Mezzetta Sauce
Yield: 8

The Best Homemade Mozzarella Sticks With Mezzetta Sauce

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 12 minutes


  • 2 Cups of Milk or Buttermilk
  • 3 Cups of All Purpose Flour
  • 1 Pound of Mozzarella
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • Mezzetta Parmesan, Asiago & Romano Sauce (For dipping)


  • Cut the Mozzarella log in half down the center, and then slice each log into segments approximately 1/2" thick (Refer to photo).
  • Place the flour into a big bowl and the milk into a medium sized bowl.
  • Doing 5 pieces at a time, place in the milk for about 5 seconds in making sure they are complete coated. Then drop the mozzarella wedges into the flour and cover well.
  • We are going to double batter the mozzarella wedges! So, take those same 5 pieces and place back into the milk and coat well. Then place back in flour bowl and coat well!
  • This will create a nice thick coating.
  • While you're doing this, turn your oil on medium-high. You need hot grease to crisp and cook the mozzarella at the same time.
  • Once the grease is hot, you will notice a slow rolling action. This will take about 5-6 minutes to heat up properly.
  • Slowly drop each mozzarella wedge into the hot grease (about 4 at a time).
  • Waiting until the wedges float and turn a light golden brown color. If you are using fresh oil, it will take a few minutes. You'll hear a slight sizzle from the cheese oozing out of the coated wedges. That is okay!
  • You know it's done with the wedges are all floating and the light color has coated the wedge.
  • Remove from oil and place on a plate with a napkin to help remove some of the oil.
  • Then serve with the Mezzetta pasta sauce! You can heat the sauce up in the microwave for about 35-45 seconds. Plate and serve!
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    Here’s the visual tutorial for you!

    mezzetta spaghetti sauce 2
    Cut in half and then into 1/2″ wedges
    Dredge in milk and flour two times! Give it a double coating!
    Dredge in milk and flour two times! Give it a double coating!

    homemade cheese sticks with sauce

    Then plate and serve to everyone! Super easy and delicious!

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