Weight Watchers Texas Roadhouse Menu with MyWW SmartPoints

Yes! You can totally enjoy dining out with this Weight Watchers Texas Roadhouse menu. Texas Roadhouse is definitely one of my top fave restaurants that I love to visit, and I’m so happy that I can still enjoy going there while on WW.

Of course, I try my absolute best to not indulge in 4 baskets of their bread and honey butter, but man…it’s REEALLLLY tough! However, I just asked the to not bring it so I’m not tempted to shove them little heavenly pieces of dough into my mouth.

texas roadhouse ww green beans

Texas Roadhouse Bread has 4 MyWW SmartPoints per piece!

Since Texas Roadhouse bread has 4 MyWW SmartPoints for all 3 plans, you can see why I have to leave them to the side. I’m a carb loving man anyways, so “Get behind me Satan! Not today!” is the type of attitude that I have to try to have.

I also tend to scream inside of my head a lot, BUT I am able to get through a full meal without eating any of their fresh baked bread. I have to say that my willpower has become so much stronger than it was once before. Also, using this Weight Watchers Texas Roadhouse menu gives me a fabulous tool to plan my next WW meal before I go, or take it with me and read over it actually there. Of course, you can always download their Nutritional Guide and breeze through it.

TIP: If I know I’m going out to dine at a restaurant, I like to try to do a Zero Point day so I can enjoy my points while I’m there! With so many Zero Point food items to choose from, it’s super easy to do!

Weight Watchers Texas Roadhouse Side Items with MyWW SmartPoints

Just like I talked about in my Weight Watchers Cracker Barrel Menu post, I want to really talk about the side items. It’s the side items that really get to us, besides the availability of fried food at our finger tips. These WW Texas Roadhouse sides with MyWW SmartPoints will help you map out your total meal.

Baked Potato13135
Buttered Corn722
Caesar Salad141414
Cup of Chili866
Fresh Vegetables333
Green Beans222
House Salad755
Mashed Potatoes883
Loaded Mashed Potatoes191912
Sautéed Mushrooms (3.5oz)222
Sautéed Onions333
Seasoned Riced121212
Sweet Potato13135

Some Notes For You to remember and take into consideration:

  • You can NOT order this cooked without butter. It is already cooked with butter.
  • The dressing has 11 SmartPoints
  • No dressing. Lower points by leaving off cheese & croutons

Now Let’s Look at Some Weight Watchers Texas Roadhouse Entrees

There’s lots of fabulous main proteins to choose from. I like to see what I’m interested in, check out the points, and then see what kind of fabulous side items I want to choose from. I will start with my favorite as the #1 choice that I’m in love with.

Portobello Mushroom Chicken1077
Smothered Chicken with Jack Cheese855
Smothered Chicken with Cream Gravy855
Chicken Critters121212
Grilled BBQ Chicken522
Grilled Salmon (8oz)1233
Fried Catfish (3 pieces)151515
Grilled Pork Chop (single)666
Grilled Shrimp766
Grilled Sirloin (6oz)444
Grilled Sirloin (6oz) with Grilled Shrimp101010
Sirloin (8 oz) with Grilled Shrimp111111
Filet Mignon (6oz) with Grilled Shrimp111111
Sirloin (11oz) 777

NOTE: I leave off the cheese. The mushroom sauce is worth 2 SmartPoints. It brings it to approximately 3 SmartPoints!

Texas Roadhouse Nutritional Guide

If you ever had any questions about nutritional information, be sure to check out the Texas Roadhouse Nutritional Guide! It’s easily available online, and you find it by clicking here.

Texas Roadhouse MyWW Printable Menu

Be sure to print this menu before you take your next trip to help you plan out your meal! Please note: As of now, the menu is for the Blue Plan. I will update all printable menus once I’m done updating all posts. There’s also a spot for you to write in your points that you want to “spend” on food while you’re eating out. Doing so will help you keep yourself accountable for all points that you consume and stay on track.

There are so many great things to enjoy! If you’ve saved points, earned Fit Points, or are using your weeklies, then sit back, relax, and enjoy some of your favorite foods here. Remember: It’s all about portion control and making wise choices!

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Weight Watchers Recipes and Article You’ll Love and Save

I love making these Weight Watchers recipes while I”m on the Freestyle program, and I hope you’ll love them too! It’s always great to be able to expand and add our own personal Weight Watchers recipes Rolodex (that never seems to stop growing, and I love it!).

What are some of your favorite WW friendly foods to at while you’re visiting a Texas Roadhouse restaurant? There are so many different and amazing combinations to create, and I would love to see what you enjoy!

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  1. It cracks me up. You can NOT eat the corn without the butter, but you can eat salad without dressing? I love corn. It’s one of my favorite vegetables. I find no need for butter at all. But the only way I can eat salad without dressing is if I have salsa. Even that is only so-so. That said, Texas Roadhouse is one of my favorite places, dieting or not. I love the 6 oz sirloin. Glad to see it’s only 4 points! I was afraid it was more because I had heard they put butter on it while grilling. Also, a hint about the rolls (which I consider even better than my Mother’s Blue Ribbon winning rolls (sacrilege to say it, but…) Buy a bag of the frozen ones. When you want one, take ONE out and thaw and raise and then bake. It takes about 4 hours so even though you are DYING for another after eating it, you can’t have another for so long that you can bring willpower back into play! The only problem with this is that the rolls are “good for 2 weeks”. They last much longer, but start sticking together. Next time, I think I will separate them with wax paper or something…

    1. Hi Lana! I really meant that the corn is cooked in butter, so you can’t order the corn with the butter. Not, “You can NOT eat corn without butter.” It’s kinda hilarious reading it that way now lol. I’m over here telling y’all what to do…but not the dressing lol.
      Totally funny now in reading it again lol.

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