The Pioneer Woman Holiday Dinnerware Set Is Beautiful

The Pioneer Woman Holiday Dinnerware Set is now available @Walmart! I love how gorgeous they are.

Ree Drumond, A.K.A. The Pioneer Woman, has hit a home run with her Holiday Dinnerware & Decor Designs that is now available at Walmart. If you know me, then you know that I’m a total Christmas Freak. I love everything there is about Christmas: the music, the decor, the lights, the food, the cheer, and the whole spirit of giving. I was recently given a handful of products from the Pioneer Woman’s Holiday Collection to review for my own personal opinions and thoughts, and I can’t wait to show you what I received!

the pioneer woman holiday collection

What I truly love about the designs of Ree’s collection is how simple the ornamentations are, and how it brings back a sense of nostalgia. The vintage green and the dark dusty red colors are just great accents in the overall design. Even the edging treatment of the plate is just so whimsical.


When taking some photos, I added pinecones to the table setting to help keep a small rustic outdoorsy feel that Ree is so well known for.


Can we seriously talk about how simply adorable these salt and pepper shakers are? As an extreme dog lover, these just pull at my heart strings. I only shrieked a little bit when I unwrapped them these adorable pups. I love happy surprises when I get to do reviews, and this was definitely one of them! Between the usage of scarves and the Santa hat, I’m in love. Just look at how they capture those big ol’ puppy eyes. Sigh.


Then we have the mugs. These are the type of mugs that I totally love. Mostly because you can hug it with your hands. You can fill it with soup, hot cocoa, your favorite cup of tea, or coffee (my personal preference). You don’t have to worry about holding it buy the handle you can just lift it up and place it in your hands. This is totally wonderful when wanting to read a book and curl on the couch, or a super comfy chair, while wrapped in a cozy little blanket.


Plus these mugs are just so extremely charming. Everything is perfectly place, and the color palette is so well thought out. Example: The plates aren’t a stark white. They have a cream colored background, which gives a better ease to the eyes and complimentary color to the holiday scheme.


I know already showed you some photos of the plate, but I wanted to you the overall design aesthetic of the plate. Everything about it just feels so traditional, and definitely reminds of my grandparents. They loved Christmas just as much as I do, and I just know that they would purchase this set if they were able to. So, I’m so super happy that I get to carry on the tradition in the love of all things Christmas, and able to keep the charm and whimsy of it all.

If you want to see more of Ree’s designs, then be sure to checkout this link to her collection at Walmart. She even has Thanksgiving taken care of for you, too!

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  1. Ree’s Dinnerware reminds me of my favorite Polish Pottery – she has a good eye for color and design. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How in the world do you price and order Pioneer Woman’s Christmas china?? Tried everything on this site with no luck

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