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Ellie.com Review: An Honest Review


20 percent of Ellie

Product & Website Review

I have fallen in love with Ellie.com’s products! The products and color schemes that they have to offer are sure to suffice any fashionista need! I just wish they had a Men’s product line, but I heard that they might be in the future works of this! Do I do Yoga on a daily basis? Not really, but I do a few Yoga stretches for my back to keep it limber. However, once I was given the opportunity to review Ellie’s products…I jumped on the chance! As you know from my previous reviews, I very thorough about the whole company. With that in mind, let’s get started.

Ellie.com Website Review:

I really do like their website layout and design. It’s fresh, crisp, modern and clean. You’re not gonna find yourself asking, “Where do I go now?” Everything is simple to find with their navigation, and even the font size is very friendly on the eyes. It’s the one thing that I find annoying on most websites! The size of the print. How do people expect your to read the fine print…when the fine print is smaller than a pin head? The coolest feature that I like is the Social Media Sign in integration. You don’t have to fill out all of the useless information to just take a look at their product lines. Even the checkout process is super easy.

Ellie.com History:

If you’ve done your online research over the company, which is what I hope you do for any company before you buy or sign up for product subscriptions is for you to do your homework. I did mine, and this is what I learned. Ellie.com used to be PVbody.com. The company had a great concept model for the Yoga enthusiasts. Pay $X amount per month for a different yoga outfit every month, or just buy what you want to buy. Great concept, just poor execution. People all over the web were ripping PVbody.com alive because of their business model didn’t work. Here’s the best way to think of what PVbody did. They had their buyers buy all the remaining products and extra products from different companies (i.e., Reebok, Nike, etc.), sort of like the Marshall’s and T.J.Maxx for the Yoga world. Once their products ran out, there was no more. They couldn’t keep up with the products ordered versus the products that they had in stock and couldn’t re-order products to restock their empty shelves because there was no more to order! Everyone was so frustrated and pissed off! Wouldn’t you be annoyed and pissed if you couldn’t get what you ordered? Or if it took almost 2 months for you to get a product finally? I know I would be! Also, I should mention that the major companies would send the reject outfits of misplaced hem lines, ill fitting products, and more.

Ellie.com Fixed Their Mistake With A Better Idea

PVbody stopped everything and took a step back while evaluating everything they did wrong and tried to figure out what they could do right to fix it. “Hey! Let’s just make our OWN product line! This way we will never run out of products and we won’t have to rely on everyone else.” That’s the best decision they could have ever made period. They revamped the company, their business model, and their products. I think this is one of the smartest moves they could have ever done. If something is not working, then you need to be able to take a step back and figure out how to fix it. I really am super impressed they did this.

My Personal Ellie.com Product Review

Let’s move on to the good stuff! Thanks to my awesome friend, Michelle, for modeling the outfits for me! You rock! Without thinking about who would be able to model and wear the clothes for me, I ordered a size large…just in case. I had a size that could fit most. Michelle is a medium in all women’s sizes out there. She has more of an athletic build, so she has muscular legs for running. Of course, I was able to pick out my own color coordinated top and bottoms. I have to say that I was in love when I got the outfit in!

Ellie.com coral yoga outfit
Coral crush shorts with a double layered top.

Ellie has a lot of different Yoga outfits, but I went with something that I thought I would want to wear. I know a lot of my friends don’t wear form fitting clothes to do yoga in, so I chose something comfy. They do offer a lot of varieties, so if you like form fitting clothes, than that’s great too! Michelle told me that she was super comfortable in them. In fact, she was glad they were a large because she agreed with me in the aspect of wanting to be comfortable. She was in LOVE with the material and design. Everything was comfortable to wear, they offer great ventilation (from the duo top selection) and the shorts had an underline. So, if you’re doing the downward dog position or other compromising Yoga positions, your not showing off your goodies to the world. She also informed me that would love this outfit to go jogging in, that’s how comfortable they are.

photo (1)

ellie.com coral crush yoga shorts
What you can’t see in the pictures is the 2″ cross band waist

Michelle has fallen in love with everything, of course as payment for modeling…I am giving her the outfit. Thanks Michelle! You’re awesome! Hell, these are great for everything: PJ’s, everyday house stuff or chilling around the house. That’s the comfort level they offer.

20 percent of Ellie

From where the company has come from and to where there are now: they get a BIG thumbs up from me kudos gang! Of course, you know I had to try them on for my own to see how they feel! I couldn’t provide an honest review if I didn’t try them on for myself!

ellie.com coral yoga outfit review
This outfit is SUPER comfy! It made me smile!
coral crush ellie.com review
I felt at one with the universe and the earth. OHM!

I agree with what Michelle said! These are super comfortable to wear for any occasion.  But don’t just take my word for it, go take a visit to

and decide for yourself!

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  1. I love that you went the extra mile and checked them out yourself, too! Great review!

  2. Love the honest review, I was wondering about PV body and what was going on with them. Your review pics are hilarious! And you look great in coral *wink*

    1. Thank you Elle! I had to incorporate PV body into. I felt it was right to do so. Thanks for kudos on the pics! I sure was trying to rock it! lol

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