Join The #PizzaPandemonium With Papa Johns Pan Pizza!

papa johns new pan pizza

Once in a while, something super spectacular comes along in life…and this time it’s Papa John’s New Pan Crust Pizza! Now, you might think that I’m little crazy in telling you this, but it’s totally legit. Imagine, a pizza cooked in a deep dish metal pan to where the cheese caramelizes from being cooked against it. It creates this amazing cheesy crunch, while keep the crust soft and delicious.

To make sure the proof was in the pudding from what I was hearing word of mouth from everyone, I decided to order a Papa John’s New Pan Pizza with my favorite toppings: Pepperoni, Mushrooms, and Extra Cheese. Let’s admit, there’s really nothing better in life than a combination of those 3 yummy goodies on a pizza!

papa johns pan pizza

Just look how delicious this pan pizza is. You can see the outer edges have that baked on crunch that’s ready to go and hit my mouth. Now, I don’t know how amazing it’s truly going to be until I actually taste it! As normal, I ordered this pizza in private and snuck it into my bedroom while everyone else was busy doing their own thang in life! YAY for headphones on everyone in their digital world!

Take a look at my video, and then you’ll how I truly feel:

As you can see, I had that #PizzaPandemonium take hold of my body after just one bite! Yes…I went and snatched open that garlic butter sauce to dunk my pizza in…and it was literally like a cheese-gasm happening across my palette. Amazing. Eye Rolling. Stupendous. Supercaligralistically delicious.

papa johns new pan pizza

Just look at this slice of pizza. The crust isn’t too thick or too thin. There’s an amazing amount of cheese on it. The toppings are as fresh as fresh can be, and that’s what makes a better pizza for me.


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  1. Omg. I’ve been waiting to try that pan pizza! Waiting?! What the what? I didn’t want to have just me in the house or I’d eat it ALL! Ordering tomorrow!

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