Lemon & Lavender Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

This lemon and lavender essential oil sugar scrub is so easy to make, and smells amazing!

There’s nothing than a better feeling than using a sugar scrub on your face to get rid of the dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin. But let’s face it: Essential OilSugar scrubs you buy from the store are just so freaking expensive. If you make your own sugar scrub, you at least know what’s in it, it’s more cost effective, you get to use all natural and organic ingredients, and you can use those yummy essential oils you have stock piled in your house!


With this version of scrub, we’re going to make a simple Lemon and Lavender one. You’re going to just LOVE how it smells on your skin, and you’re gonna LOVE the way your skin feels afterwards!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

And here are the directions:

  1.  Mix all ingredients in a small mixing bowl (if your coconut oil is solid, as it is solid at room temperature or below, you may need to warm it up, either in the microwave or by kneading it in a plastic baggie before mixing with the other ingredients).
  2. Use 1 teaspoon of sugar scrub in the shower or over a sink as needed.
  3. Scrub skin with the sugar scrub mixture and rinse well.
  4. You skin will be left feeling silky smooth.

These things aren’t great for yourself to keep at home, but they make super amazing gifts for any occasion!

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