16 Halloween Jello Shots Recipes

Halloween is a time for costumes, trick or treating, and of course Halloween Jello Shots recipes! These yummy recipes are a must-have for any party you’re going to this season. Whether it’s a themed costume party, a friendly get-together with friends, or just an excuse to drink some tasty jello shots- these recipes will be perfect.

I’m going to share 16 different Halloween Jello Shots recipes that are sure to please all your guests no matter what their taste buds may desire.

How long do Halloween Jello Shots last?

Jello Shots typically last for up to 4 hours, but can last longer if refrigerated. The main thing that causes them to go bad is bacteria or other germs. The alcohol in the jello keeps the growth of these germs at bay for a certain period of time, but once the shot has been opened and exposed to oxygen it will start to grow those nasty germs that can make you sick! That’s why it’s important to always refrigerate Halloween Jello Shots until you’re ready to serve them!

Where to buy Halloween jello shot molds?

There are tons of jello shot molds on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and even Etsy. A quick google search will help you find a mold for any type of jello shot you’re looking to make! These are the Jello shot molds that most people use, and they’re super affordable.

creepy halloween jello shots recipes

16 Halloween Jello Shots Recipes To Scream For

1 Halloween Jello Shots

Halloween Jell-O Shots are simple to prepare and will add a lot of zest to your Halloween celebration!

2. Floating Eyeball Jello Shots

The Floating Eyeball Jello Shots are very simple, yet they are some of my favorite Halloween snacks!

3. Boo! Ghost Jello Shot Recipe

What a cute and creative Halloween idea, right? These ghost jello shots are hilarious. They’re a great way to add a fun twist to your Halloween party! Depending on your theme, you may make them scary or adorable.

4. Rumchata Layered Jello Bites

Fun jello shot recipe with Halloween flair! At your next Halloween party, serve this adult beverage as a delicious alternative to candy.

5. Squirm Jello Shots

For this Halloween-themed Jello shots recipe, you’ll scream for a totally different reason than usual! With a mocktail option, it’s also really simple to make! ‘Party’ screams anytime. You can create these Jello shots with or without alcohol – the choice is yours.

6. Black Magic Shots

These Black Magic Jello Shots are the perfect addition to your Halloween party! They’re fun layered jellos that you can mix up in a variety of flavors. Just when they think things are getting too mundane, outcomes an unexpected surprise – magic?

fun and easy halloween jello shots recipes for all to enjoy at a party

7. Frankenstein Jello Shots

Finger jello is a term used to describe these Halloween jello shots recipes showcasing Frankenstein. Instead of using a cup, you can use your fingers to consume them. Their amusing monster faces are on display here.

8. Creepy Clown Jell-O Shot Recipe

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means! It’s time to get those creative juices flowing. Why not spice up your next party with some Halloween-themed Jell-O shots? 

9. Scary Eyeball Jello Shots

Make these berry shots for a Halloween party to get ready for a really frightening Jello shot!

10. Candy Corn Jello Shots

It’s not just kids who can have a blast on Halloween! These candy corn Jello shots are for grownups, too. And they’re sure to be tasty and refreshing with your favorite seasonal alcoholic beverage after the kiddos go trick-or-treating.

11. Pumpkin Pie Shots

The pumpkin pie shots are a great way to celebrate the season this year. This simple and quick recipe will be sure not to disappoint any guest at your spooky party!

12. Gummy Worm Jello Cups

You can’t have a spooky Halloween without some creepy gummy worms! This FUN, festive bubbly treat is perfect for any child who wants to get into the spirit. They’re easy and kids love them so much that they’ll be asking you for more after just one taste

13. Creepy Peepers Jello Shots

These creepy peeper Halloween Jell-O cups are just the perfect spooky treat to satisfy any child’s appetite for ghoulish fun!

halloween jello shots recipes collage

14. Beautiful Layered Halloween Jello Shot Recipe

These beautiful layers of Halloween jello shots are perfect for your next party. They have a unique layered design that includes grape, melon, and peach flavors with sweetened condensed milk mixed in too!

15. Angel of Death Jello Shots

The Angel of Death Jello Shots is a heavenly cocktail that’s dangerously easy to drink! To see how wild you can get, try it out this Halloween.

16. Easy Eyeball Jello Shots

Eyeball Jello Shots are the perfect boozy Halloween treat for adults. They can be made in a blink of an eye and they giggle, chew on the gooey texture that is sure to please any partygoer!

What is the most common alcohol used in Recipe for Halloween jello shots?

The most common alcohol used in jello shots is vodka. Vodka is a staple in most bars and people usually drink it straight or mixed with something like juice or soda water. It’s the perfect liquor to add to any jello shot because it doesn’t leave behind a strong flavor after mixing it with gelatin.

It works well as a base because it can be mixed and layered with other flavors without the taste of alcohol becoming too strong.

What are some creative ways to serve Halloween jello shots?

One of the best ways to serve jello shots is with ice. This will create an interesting effect for your guests because it’ll look like little eyeballs are swimming in blood! Once you pour the mixture into squares, add some red food coloring and place them inside a small Tupperware container. Prepare some green apple Jell-O and pour it over the red ice cubes. The overall color will be a deep red because there are two layers of Jell-O with food coloring in them.

Another way to serve jello shots is by putting them into shot glasses that have been placed inside disposable plastic Halloween cups! You will need to cut out the cups from one side and poke a hole in the bottom of each cup. After you’ve poured your Jell-O mixture inside, put the tops back on and wait for them to set!

Use Halloween-themed shot glasses like skull shot glasses or cups with green spiders crawling around to make them even spookier! Be creative and use different colors of jello to make your shot glasses as festive as can be.

Use cookie cutters that are shaped like pumpkins or haunted houses! These shapes will give each jello mixture a different look and it’ll also make them extra festive for the season. They’re sure to be loved by all of your Halloween partygoers!

If you’re searching for the best Halloween jello shot idea, these eye-catching jellos will hypnotize your friends. Glowing red jelly eyes stare creepily back at you when they are served in a glass bowl filled with gel ice cubes. The next time you have an event to attend, take these eyeball shots and be the star of the party.

There are many ways to make Jello shots, but these recipes are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. If you want the perfect Halloween party food that your guests will love, then these Jello shots should do the trick! The next time you’re hosting an event or just looking for something new and exciting to try with friends over drinks, give these spooky treats a go. They’re easy enough for kids of all ages (and adults) to enjoy making on their own so it’s not too late! They can be made non-alcoholic for children.

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