20 Awesome Halloween Cookie Recipes

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means- Halloween cookie recipes time! There are so many different Halloween cookies to choose from. Which one will win your heart? We’ve put together a list of 20 awesome Halloween cookie recipes for you to try this year. Give them a go and find out which one becomes your favorite!

20 awesome halloween cookie recipes

Making Halloween cookies is just as traditional as making Christmas cookies, at least it is in my book! Well, I just love making cookies. I love eating cookies. Sometimes I don’t need a holiday, but it sure helps to inspire me.

These cookies will make the little ones squeal with delight, and the adults go “Awwwww” as they eat off the pretzel legs of a cookie spider! So, get ready to serve a ghoulish treat that is sure to haunt your mouth for another one! Enjoy! If you have any cool cookie recipes, please be sure to send them in with a picture! I LOVE pictures!

What are the benefits of making homemade Halloween cookie recipes?

Homemade cookies are healthier than store-bought options. Cookies baked at home can be made with less sugar, oil, and butter in order to make them a little bit better for you. You get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what goes into your treats (and that they’re not loaded up with preservatives).

Besides, no one can resist the aroma of fresh cookies baking in the oven.

Halloween Cookie Recipes You’ll be Sure to Love!

1. Black and White Cookies

One of the most popular cookies is a black and white cookie. They have frosting. The cookie has two colors on it: black and white. It takes only 40 minutes to make these cookies, so you can make them for your next Halloween party!

2. Halloween Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

Halloween sugar cookies are a popular treat for Halloween. You can make them with sprinkles or icing to decorate them. They make good snacks on their own, and they taste really good with coffee before bedtime!

3. Easy Halloween Spider Cookies (No Bake)

Just in time for Halloween, these no-bake spider cookies are sure to please any sweet tooth. For something easy and adorable, you can’t go wrong with a batch of these delicious goodies!

4. Halloween Spider Cookies

If you’re looking for a sweet new recipe this Halloween, these Spider cookies are the perfect treat. They’ll be reminiscent of Christmas thumbprints with their festive shape and frosting!

5. Hello Kitty Halloween Cookies

You’ll be the central attraction at your next party with these Hello Kitty cookies. The recipe is a bit more time-consuming than most, but it’s worth it for adorable results!

6. 3-D Ghost Cookies

This is a recipe for someone who wants to have fun and experiment with food. It starts with a simple sugar cookie dough. With it, you can make cookies that will make everyone’s jaw drop!

7. Hand Iced Halloween Cookies (Cute!!)

We shared some cute Halloween cookie recipes, now how about one that is “creepy”? They’re hand-iced and stand out more than the others.

8. Skeleton Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies make for a delicious seasonal treat, but they don’t have to be just limited to Christmas. It’s fun and easy enough that you can whip up these simple yet adorable skeleton-shaped gingerbread cookies in the blink of an eye!

9. Easy Halloween Cookie Cups

Are you looking for simple Halloween cookie recipes? You can whip together these cute little treats in no time with just 2 ingredients, making it the perfect answer when there’s not enough time or patience needed to make elaborately decorated desserts.

10. Graphic Candy Corn Cookies

If you’re a fan of candy corn, then these graphic cookies are for you. They don’t look difficult to make at all! Bonus, the kids can help make these easily.

11. Easy Tombstone Cookies

Tombstone cookies are a perfect dessert for any Halloween-themed dish. They are easy to make, and they taste great!

12. Halloween M&M Cookies

Are you looking for a Halloween-themed gift for co-workers or family members? This Halloween M&M cookies recipe is actually a cookie in a jar recipe. 

13. Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Ever heard of vegan Halloween cookies? Imagine a cookie that tastes good and is also healthy. These vegan shortbread cookies are covered in glammed-up chocolate royal icing and some festive stenciling to make them fun for all!

14. Iced Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Looking for a healthier, natural alternative to Halloween cookies? No worries! These recipes are completely dye-free and use fruit juice in the frosting instead.

15. Blood Splatter Cookies

Making these cookies is a simple and quick task to do. All you need to do is put the icing on the cookies, which you can quickly do even if you don’t have any experience decorating things.

16. Halloween Cobweb Cookies

You can make cookies that look like cobwebs. They are really good, and everyone likes them. You can put any color frosting you want on the cookie to show what it should look like.

17. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

As I mentioned before, there are many ways that you can use a sugar cookie to make something different. You could try adding some pumpkin spice in order to make the perfect Halloween treat.

18. Monster Mash Cookies

When it is time to celebrate Halloween, make some Monster Mash sugar cookies. They are easy for little kids, and everyone will love them.

19. Zombie Cookies with homemade icing

These cookies are perfect for Halloween because they are so soft and delicious. They are made from homemade buttercream frosting, so these zombies could not be more appetizing.

20. Creepy Eyeball Cookies

Easy eyeball cookies that are easy to make and taste delicious. You put out decorations for your Halloween party and then you make these with this recipe.

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There are also a number of recipes that you can use to make your cookies fun for Halloween, whether they’re decorated with sugar, frosting, and sprinkles or dipped in chocolate. You could try some simple decorating techniques like piping on different colored icing, adding M&Ms or candy corn to the dough before baking it (or once it’s cooled), or using a toothpick to draw patterns in the dough before baking.

These recipes are perfect for your family and friends who want to celebrate the holiday. Whether you’re looking for a classic, spooky, or healthy recipe these dishes will make any event memorable!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in the kitchen and start baking. Happy Halloween!

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