20 DIY Halloween Cupcakes

Nothing beats then making these DIY Halloween cupcakes recipes! The fresh crisp air of Fall is moving on all of us, which can only mean one thing: Halloween is getting closer!

It’s time to start planning your day of scary movies, costumes, and parties. The best part with these recipes is that they’re not just for kids. They’re meant to be made for anyone, which is a double score for me because I just love cup cakes. I could eat 5 or 6 cupcakes in one sitting and not feel any guilt, even though that probably equates to eating 1/4 of a cake. Though, my brain doesn’t count calories that way (don’t judge me – I use the new math system).

20 DIY Halloween cupcakes for kids

These DIY Halloween cupcakes are even great for making for your children’s Halloween party, a school treat day, or even a Fall Bake sale fund raiser (or do like me, and make them for yourself to enjoy- again, don’t judge me).

 These will be sure to add extra thrills and chills in the spooky air of Halloween! Which one of these are your favorites? Mine is the Scary Eye cupcake. It’s just fun to make and to look at! If you have any Halloween cupcake recipes or ides, then send them on my way! Until then, enjoy!

Easy DIY Scary Cupcake Recipes

1. Clean Eating Pumpkin Cupcakes
2. Googly Eye Cupcakes
3. Candy Corn Cupcakes
4. Black Velvet Cupcakes
5. Spider Web Cupcakes
6. Scary Eye Cupcakes
7. Cat, Bat, and Ghost Cupcakes
8. Super Cute Owl Cupcakes
9. Easy Ghost Halloween Cupcakes
10. Bloody Cyclops Cupcakes
11. Eery Mint Cupcakes
12. Brain Cupcakes (use translator)
13. Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes
14. Witch Hat Cupcakes
15. Apple Razor Blade Cupcakes
16. Spooky Spider Cupcakes
17. Grain Free Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes
18. Bloody Vampire Bite Red Velvet Cupcakes
19. Witchy Cupcakes
20. Graveyard Cupcakes

More DIY Halloween Fun Ideas

Want to add more OOOHS and AAAAAHS to your DIY Halloween day? Then take a look at these other cool Halloween ideas! Whether you’re just trying to get ready for the amazing Fall weather with long sweaters, or you’re ready to carve up those pumpkins…these will definitely inspire you to want more of it all.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas   

20 Halloween Cookie Ideas   

20 Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

Looking for something more inspiring and scary for a Halloween costume? Take at look at these Pennywise Halloween Costumes and Makeup Tutorials.

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