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I created a Panera Weight Watchers Smartpoints menu just for you all! It was a little tough wading through all of those high point pesky items that we all tend to love; however, I was able to find some pretty amazing Panera Bread menu items that fits really well with our Freestyle SmartPoints value system.

panera weight watchers points printable menu

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Panera Weight Watchers Freestyle Success Plan

One of the first things I did in trying to put together this Panera weight watchers menu list was to think about foods that can be enjoyed with the ingredients that they’re comprised of, and then I went back and waded through the different types of bread, dressings, and condiments used to prepare the menu items.

Of course, there are the “common sense” menu items that we  shouldn’t have. You know, like all of those fabulous, flaky pastries and those bagels with cream cheese?

Going to Starbucks anytime soon? Be sure to read up and print this Starbucks WW Friendly menu to help you plan your day.

Yes, if you plan your points, you can eat what you want. But…isn’t that how we all got into the position that we’re in? Cause we ate what we wanted to eat and not expected to gain weight? Sigh. It’s a hard truth, but it’s something that I continue to try to remind myself.

Hopefully this Panera Weight Watchers menu will help you along the way. PLEASE NOTE: ALL DESIGNATED POINTS COME DIRECTLY FROM THE WW APP.  

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All Things Panera WW Breakfast 

  • Asiago cheese bagel, 10 SmartPoints value 
  • Avocado, egg white, and spinach on sprouted grain bagel flat, 12 SmartPoints value 
  • Everything bagel, 9 SmartPoints value 
  • Ham, egg, and cheese on whole grain farm-style bread, 7 SmartPoints value 
  • Wild blueberry mini scone, 6 SmartPoints value 
  • Fresh Fruit Cup, 3 SmartPoints value 
  • Mediterranean egg white wrap, 6 SmartPoints value 
  • Steel cut oatmeal with almonds quinoa, and honey, 10 SmartPoints value 

Hidden WW Menu Items 

  • Power breakfast bowl with roasted turkey, 4 SmartPoints value 
  • Power breakfast bowl with steak, 7 SmartPoints value 
  • Power chicken hummus bowl, 5 SmartPoints value 
  • Power Mediterranean chicken, 7 SmartPoints value 
  • Power Mediterranean roasted turkey, 9 SmartPoints value 
  • Power steak lettuce wraps, 7 SmartPoints value 

Soups, Soups, and more Soups!

  • Broccoli cheddar soup (cup), 9 SmartPoints value 
  • Low-fat chicken noodle soup (cup), 2 SmartPoints value 
  • Low-fat vegetarian black bean soup (cup), 0 SmartPoints value 
  • Ten vegetable soup (cup), 1 SmartPoints value (bowl) 2 SmartPoints value 
  • Turkey chili (cup), 5 SmartPoints value 
  • Vegetarian creamy tomato soup (cup), 8 SmartPoints value 

The Best Panera Weight Watchers Salad Options

  • Asian sesame chicken salad with dressing (half portion), 4 SmartPoints value 
  • Fuji apple salad with chicken and dressing (half portion), 8 SmartPoints value 
  • Greek salad with chicken and dressing (half portion), 6 SmartPoints value 
  • Green goddess cobb salad with chicken and dressing (half portion), 6 SmartPoints value 
  • Strawberry poppyseed salad with chicken and fat-free dressing (half portion), 2 SmartPoints value 
  • Caesar salad with chicken (half portion), 5 SmartPoints value 
  • Modern Greek salad with quinoa (half portion),  8 SmartPoints value 
  • Thai chopped chicken salad (half portion), 4 SmartPoints value (full portion) 8 SmartPoints value 

Panera Weight Watchers Friendly Sandwiches? (Yes you can!) 

  • Frontega chicken panini on focaccia (half portion), 10 SmartPoints value 
  • Mediterranean veggie sandwich on tomato basil (half portion), 6 SmartPoints value 
  • Roasted turkey and avocado BLT sandwich on country rustic (half portion), 9 SmartPoints value 
  • Tuna salad sandwich on honey wheat (half portion), 7 SmartPoints value 
  • Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread (half portion), 6 SmartPoints value 
  • Napa almond chicken sandwich, 9 SmartPoints value 

Panera Sweets & Stuff 

  • Cocoa and Crème cookie, 9 SmartPoints value 
  • Coconut macaroon, 7 SmartPoints value 
  • Seasonal fruit cup, 0 SmartPoints value 
  • Panera Kettle Chips, 4 SmartPoints value 
  • Sprouted grain roll, 5 SmartPoints value 

If you noticed, I added in a couple of things you might to enjoy if you have some extra weeklies that you want to get rid of, or if you had a zero point day! I love planning out a zero point day for my meals, so that I can indulge in a yummy treat once in a while.

Download and Print Panera Weight Watchers Menu

This menu is a trifold, so you can print it up and take it with you where ever you go!

If you’re finding yourself to want more support, and in need of ideas of what to make in your Instant Pot or other kitchen appliances, then be sure to join my Instant Pot Weight Watchers group!

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