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Walking Dead recipes will get you ready for the plausible apocalypse of flesh eating walkers. The characters in The Walking Dead are in a strange spot, to say the very least. They have to deal with all of this end of the world stuff while still taking care of everyday needs, like bathing and clean clothes, and of course, appetite. Zombies are scary, but so is starvation. If you’re five seconds from being killed, your next meal may be your last. For those nights when you’re getting into the show, I found these great Walking Dead Recipes to get you into the action.

walking dead recipes: All out war on the walking dead

The characters in The Walking Dead find themselves in a constant rush to find food. Running from house to house with only the supplies they can scrounge from abandoned stores, inconsistent heat sources, and their wits, they manage to eat. And you think you have it hard? Well, ok, maybe you do.

After all, once a day of work, never-ending questions from children, and trying to manage a whole house full of people is done, you’re kinda like a zombie yourself. Walking Dead Recipes may sound complicated, but they could be the key to making dinner sound worth getting up off the couch for.

Walking Dead Recipes Will Stop You From Starving!

The thing I love about The Walking Dead is that it has revived an interest in survival skills. Think about how little we know how to do without grocery stores, electricity, and our cell phones at this point. If the entire world went off the grid, you would be STARVING. That’s totally not ok.

I don’t know about you, but every time I watch this show I’m thinking “crap, I don’t even know how to build a fire. I am so dead.” For the hunters in the house, you can pat yourself on the back and feel great about the knowledge that you have a skill that is going to make you a hot commodity out in the woods.

You’re not picking up cold cuts here; this is wild game that you are eating in the woods. That means you have to know not only how to kill your dinner, you have to know how to skin, butcher and season the food to make it palatable. A walk in the field this is not.

If Negan comes to town, I have no idea what I would need to feed him in order to satisfy him or Lucille. We had better get started on these Walking Dead Recipes or we are going to be on the business end of that bat!

Pot on a campfire stove for walking dead recipes

Creatively Cooking Walking Dead Recipes

Okay, so you’re going to have to have some kind of ingenuity in making more than just a camp fire to cook these walking dead recipes. You can make yourself a brick oven, or even cook in the ground (a.k.a. earth oven). If you have a camp set up with protective walls, like they did in Alexandria, then you have even more options, like an old school pressure cooker! If you find one of those, life is set. You can then make pressure cooker recipes over you open campfire.

Walking Dead Recipes: Food From Nature

Venison Jerky

Learning how to make venison jerky is going to be a fabulous tool to have in your arsenal of surviving an apocalypse. You’ll be able to have protein power on the go, and readily available for whenever you need it. PLUS it’s so easy to store with a nice shelf life. Here’s another way to make venison jerky that looks yummy!

Huckleberry Grilled Doves

While you’re out in the wilderness, you may need to make a few doves cry (sorry Prince). You will absolutely need to give these beautiful birds a chance to grace your table – er- stump in the woods. There is an amazing huckleberry barbecue sauce to take things up a notch.

Smoked Pheasant

Darryl, load up your bow! This would be a great recipe for celebrating the holidays in an abandoned house. After all, it isn’t like everyone ran off and took their grills. Run and scrounge up some wood, fire up the smoker, and eat like a king. Just make sure you keep watch, we don’t want the walkers coming in to get a bite.

Hmong Squirrel Stew

This delicious and beautiful stew can be made to put something hearty on your belly before you have to set out to find a new place to stay. The governor and his men come in the morning to blow up your prison, so eat quick.

Moose Meatballs

Though The Walking Dead takes place in Georgia, there is no reason to believe that survivors are not in the Northern states, hoping to find solace. If you’ve got the gun power, you can take down a moose and get him in your belly.

Venison Tenderloins

If only they had shot that deer instead of Carl. That kid has been through more injuries than you can wink at ( see what I did there??). After they got him patched up, they should have taken that deer out and grilled up these tasty tenderloins.

Campfire Stew

Let’s face it. A major of your cooking will done on an open fire, or a make shift brick oven to bake food in. This campfire stew is totally going to hit the spot and provide you with the nutrients your body is going to need to out run the walkers that are hot on your tail. If you didn’t find any tomato paste while you were on a run, you can always sun dry tomatoes and crush it into a paste to get the rich flavor you need.

Rabbit Gumbo

When you’re thinking about survival, you’re going to need to think of the small game as well as the large. Bunnies, as we all know, reproduce pretty quickly. Survival wise, you have to be careful about eating rabbit. They don’t have much fat on them, and if they are your main source of meat, you can actually die – from rabbit starvation. Toss them in this flavorful gumbo, and make sure to mix some other meat in if you can.

Cavemen Elk Steaks

For those nights when your only shelter is the open air, you’re going to need to think about a different technique for cooking. These elk steaks are not only awesome, they are cooked over an open flame, which is just what you’ll need to do. There are no stoves in the outdoors except the ones we make.

Venison Kebabs

Just like your elk steaks, these venison kebabs are magnificent when grilled over an open flame. You can forage in the woods for sticks and veggies to make it all come together. Just remember, you’re not alone out there . . . keep an eye peeled for the dead.

Whole Rainbow Trout

Fishing was relaxing before the apocalypse. Now you’ll never know when your hook will bring up something other than the fish – and that something will be a bloated, gross nasty zombie. BUT if you can stomach the danger, you’ll reap a pretty rocking reward in these roasted whole rainbow trout.

Wild Harvest Pie

Meat, for whatever reason, may not always be available to you. I hope you learned how to scavenge, because you need to keep your strength up, or you’ll BECOME meat. These pies ought to do the trick.

Elderberry Syrup

Medicine is always a challenge in the wild, and this elderberry syrup can do the job of being both food and soothing a sore throat during an illness. If you’re lucky enough to shelter long enough to brew up a batch, keep it in your bag for when you’re on the run. Coughing in the middle of the night will get a walker breathing down your throat.

Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie

This is something I would fully expect to find cooling on the windowsill of Carol’s cabin. It’s a shame she’s always running off and isolating herself; those cooking skills are awfully vital to the crew. Maybe Darryl can convince her to save me a slice.

Handmade Stinging Nettle Pasta

You may have thought you’d never taste pasta again, but this stinging nettle pasta can make it a reality again. Glen would have been glad to make a run to town to get you ingredients – if he were still here. The injustice!

Goat Cheese Stuffed Hibiscus Blossoms

When faced with the ugly reality of living in the wilderness, you are going to need some beauty in your life. Go for a walk outside that cabin and check on that livestock you’ve been trying to cultivate. Enjoy it while it lasts; like these stuffed hibiscus blossoms, it could all be gone when a hungry crowd shows up. And yes, you can actually make your own goat cheese!

Mustard Marinated Chicken

Yes, there will be chickens, cows, pigs, and all of that other type of live stock…for whatever the walkers didn’t eat. This mustard chicken recipe is a great way to keep the flavor variety into your barely existent dietary intake of food, so make the most of what supplies you have around you! You should be able to find all of these ingredients if you ransack the right house!

The Walking Dead has captured the heart and the imagination of the country. These recipes rock; what better way to feel like a part of the show than eating like you’re escaping the dead yourself. Don’t forget to post a picture of you eating your Walking Dead Recipes!

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