21 Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Recipes that you need to make!

I love cookie butter! If you’ve ever been to a Trader Joe’s, then you must have come across their coveted jars of delicious and highly addictive Cookie Butter. This stuff is like crack, and you can eat it right out of the jar on just about anything.

I recently introduced my nephews to Cookie Butter when they first moved in, and we kinda went through a whole case of it within a month! Luckily, my honey works there…so we get that grateful discount when we buy them! However, I was trying to find ways to eat the cookie butter then just straight out of the jar. I am so amazed by these recipes, and can’t wait to make more!

21 Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Recipes

1. Oreo Cookie Butter
2. Salted Chocolate Cookie Butter Bark
3. Cookie Butter Pie
4. Cookie Butter Coffee Cake Muffins
5. Ultimate Cookie Butter Spread
6. Goeoy Butter Cake with Cookie Butter
7. No Bake Cookie Butter Cheesecake
8. 4 Ingredient Cookie Butter Mug Cup
9. Cookie Butter Filled Donut Holes
10. Cookie Butter Milkshake
11. Cookie Butter Cookies
12. Chocolate Chip Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites
13. Toasted Oatmeal Cookie Butter Bars
14. Cookie Butter Crunch Cups
15. No Churn Cookie Butter Ice Cream
16. Green Apple Cookie Butter Oat Smoothie
17. Cookie Butter Truffles
18. Cookie Butter Banana Bread
19. Cookie Butter Pop Tarts
20. Cookie Butter S’Mores
21. Cookie Butter Shortbread Bites


If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s around you, no worries! You can always purchase the Cookie Butter Online!

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