100 Most Tracked Weight Watchers Food

Believe it or not, these are the top 100 most tracked weight watchers food with SmartPoints! It’s funny to see how many of us track so many similar products when we we’re looking for WW freestyle recipes and food items.  Now that there’s 3 different colored MyWW programs, you can easily use this to help you stay on track of everything.

These are the 100 most tracked weight watchers food

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This list is literally taking the collective mind of the Weight Watcher’s world and putting down in black and white for everyone to read. Once you start reading over the list, you’re gonna be like, “Holy cow! I’ve totally looked up the points for ________ item!”

Believe it or not, do you know what the #1 most tracked food is?? A banana. It’s what people are tracking the most!

Thanks to the WW tracking system, we can actually see that people are trying their best to eat healthier. It shows them eating lots of fresh produce and enjoying a lot of protein foods that are on the MyWW Blue zero point food list.

I love this vegetable soup recipe. It’s packed full of amazing and delicious recipes, and the SmartPoints? Zero to Zilch!

Here’s a List of the 100 Most Tracked Weight Watchers Food and Beverages

You’ll find that this list off 100 most tracked weight watchers food is put into alphabetical order to make life a little bit easier. I was originally going to do it by points, but I felt that most people search by name first and then by points. At least, that’s how my crazy mind works!

To help with abbreviation, I will be using SP for SmartPoints, G for Green, B for Blue, and P for Purple to the numbers. Most numbers are the same across the board, so I will notate that too!

  •  Almond milk, plain, unsweetened, 1 cup; 1SP all plans
  • Almonds, 1/4 cup; 4SP all plans
  • American cheese, 1 slice or 1 ounce; 4SP all plans
  • American cheese, 1 slice or 1 ounce, Fat Free; 1 SP all plans
  • Apple: 0SP all plans
  • Asparagus; 0SP all plans
  • Avocado, Raw, 3/4; 2SP all plans
  • Bacon, cooked, 3 slices 5SP all plans
  • Bacon, Turkey, cooked, 3 slices; 3SP all plans
  • Bagel, any type, 1 small or 1/2 large, 2 ounces; 5 SP all plans
  • Banana; 0SP all plans
  • Beef, ground, 90% lean, cooked, 3 ounces; 4SP all plans
  • Beer, regular, 12 ounces; 5SP all plans
  • Berries, mixed; 0SP all plans
  • Black beans, canned; 3SP G, 0SP B, 0SP P
  • Blackberries; 0SP all plans
  • Blueberries; 0SP all plans
  • Bread, 1 slice; 1 SP all plans
  • Broccoli; 0SP all plans
  • Brown rice, cooked, 1 cup;  7SP G, 6SP B, 0SP P
  • Butter, 1 tablespoon; 5SP all plans
  • Cantaloupe;  0SP all plans
  • Carrots;  0SP all plans
  • Carrots, baby;  0SP all plans
  • Celery;  0SP all plans
  • Cheddar cheese, shredded, 1/4 cup; 4SP all plans
  • Cheddar or colby cheese, 1 ounce 4SP all plans
  • Cherries;  0SP all plans
  • Cherry tomatoes;  0SP all plans
  • Chicken breast, cooked, boneless, skinless;  0SP all plans
  • Coffee, black, without sugar, 1 cup;  0SP all plans
  • Cookies, homemade, chocolate, chip, oatmeal, sugar or similar type, 1 or 1/2 ounce; 3SP all plans
  • Corn on the cob, 1 medium;  0SP all plans
  • Cottage cheese, fat-free, 1 cup; 3SP G & B, 0SP P
  • Cream, half and half, 2 tablespoons; 2SP all plans

Photo by Mark DeYoung on Unsplash

  • Cucumber;  0SP all plans
  • Deli sliced turkey breast;  0SP all plans
  • Diet Coke, 8 ounces;  0SP all plans
  • Egg white;  0SP all plans
  • Egg, 1;  0SP all plans
  • Egg, fried, 1;  1SP all plans
  • Eggs, scrambled with milk and butter, 2 or 1/2 cup; 6SP G, 2SP B, 2SP P
  • English muffin, 1 or 2 ounces; 4SP all plans
  • Feta, crumbled, 1 ounce; 3SP all plans
  • French fries, 20 or 5.5 ounces; 13 SP G & B, 6 SP P
  • Fruit, fresh, unsweetened;  0SP all plans
  • Grape tomatoes;  0SP all plans
  • Grapefruit;  0SP all plans
  • Grapes;  0SP all plans
  • Green beans;  0SP all plans
  • Guacamole, 2 tablespoons, 1 SP all plans
  • Half and half, fat-free, 2 tablespoons; 1SP all plans
  • Hamburger bun, plain, 1 or 2 ounces; 5SP all plans
  • Honey, 1 tablespoon; 4SP all plans
  • Hummus, 2 tablespoons; 2SP all plans
  • Lettuce;  0SP all plans
  • Luncheon meat, ham, honey, lean, deli-sliced, 2 ounces (2SP)
  • Mango;  0SP all plans
  • Mashed potatoes, 3SP G & B, 1 SP P
  • Mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon; 3SP all plans
  • Milk, low fat 1%, 1 cup; 4SP all plans
  • Milk, reduced fat 2%, 1 cup; 5SP all plans
  • Milk, skim (fat free), 1 cup; 3SP all plans
  • Milk, whole, 1 cup; 7SP all plans
  • Mushrooms;  0SP all plans
  • Mustard, 1 tablespoon;  0SP all plans
  • Nectarine;  0SP all plans
  • Oatmeal, cooked, 1 cup; 5 SP for G & B, 0 P
  • Olive oil, 1 tablespoon; 4SP all plans
  • Onions; 0SP all plans
  • Orange; 0SP all plans
  • Pasta, penne, whole wheat, cooked, 1 cup 4SP G & SP B, 0 SP P
  • Peach;  0SP all plans
  • Peanut butter, 2 tablespoons; 6SP all plans
  • Pear;  0SP all plans
  • Pineapple;  0SP all plans

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

  •  Pork chop, cooked, lean, boneless, 3 ounces; 3SP all plans
  • Potato, baked, plain, 1, 6 ounces; 5SP G & B, 0SP P
  • Raspberries;  0SP all plans
  • Red wine, 5 ounces; 4SP all plans
  • Salad dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, low-fat, 1 tablespoons; 1SP all plans
  • Salad dressing, Italian-type (not creamy), 2 tablespoons; 3SP all plans
  • Salad dressing, ranch, 2 tablespoons; 5SP all plans
  • Salad, mixed greens;  0SP all plans
  • Salsa, fat-free;  0SP all plans
  • Shrimp, cooked;  1 SP G, 0SP B, 0SP P
  • Spinach;  0SP all plans
  • Strawberries;  0SP all plans
  • Sugar, white, granulated, 1 teaspoon; 1SP all plans
  • Sweet Potatoes, cooked, 1/2 cup; 3SP G &B, 0SP P
  • Sweet red peppers;  0SP all plans
  • Tomatoes;  0SP all plans
  • Tortilla chips, 1 ounce; 4SP all plans
  • Tortilla, flour, 1 medium or 1 ounce; 3SP all plans
  • Tuna fish, canned in water, drained;  0SP all plans
  • Water;  0SP all plans
  • Watermelon;  0SP all plans
  • White rice, cooked, 1 cup; 6SP all plans
  • White wine, 5 ounces; 4SP all plans
  • Yogurt, Greek, plain, fat-free, 1 cup;  0SP all plans
  • Zucchini;  0SP all plans

Yes. There were people actually tracked water. Why? Well, it could because they wanted to make sure that the bottled water that they were drinking, like flavored seltzer water, didn’t have any points in them. These are my favorite ways to flavor water naturally!

Here’s the 100 WW Freestyle Food List for you to Print!

You can easily print this list up and take it with you on your next shopping trip, whether the grocery story or the liquor store *wink wink* PLEASE NOTE: I will update this printable soon. For now, it is just for the MyWW Blue SmartPoints. Thank you!

Here’s a preview of what it’ll look like. Don’t worry! The red squiggly link won’t be there when you print the list. It’s a screenshot, and it shows up as a spelling error.

woo ww foods list that are tracked

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