Pads Are For Period. Poise is for LBL #RecycleYourPeriodPad

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Angela and I have recently decided to brainstorm in recycling her unused period pads and try these Poise Thin Shaped pads. Why would we even try to do anything like this?’s the story behind it all. As you all know, I’ve been the caretaker for my special needs sister for a little over a year. During the year, I’ve had the biggest crash course in trying to understand a woman’s body and what it needs to help cope with LBL and Good Ol’ Aunt Dot that loves to visit us on a monthly basis.

Can you just image me walking down a women’s feminine product aisle? I was like a deer staring into headlights…and an easy target that was willing to buy just about anything. I was surrounded by plastic tubes with cotton inserts and a string attached, big pads, little pads, over night pads, daily workout pads, some had wings, others didn’t, some had some kind of moisture lock? Holy freaking cow…I don’t now how women do it. After devouring gallons of gelato to help maintain my composure, I finally found the right product! Yay me! I was dancing all over the place. Well, I should confess that I bought about 5 different types of pads. A few months later…I stopped dancing. There was another issue at hand that I was paying attention to. She has LBL.

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What exactly is LBL? Simply put, it is Light Bladder Leakage. Many women suffer from it, and from what I’ve heard…can be somewhat uncomfortable and embarrassing when you buy the wrong product. LBL can happen to women during and after a pregnancy, working out, or even just laughing. So…I was only solving half of Angela’s issues. After we came across the Poise LBL pads, our life has definitely been made easier…and our trips to the laundry mat has decreased!

Angela doesn’t mind wearing them, and they are easy for to put into place by herself…and she’s not embarrassed of having the the whole “Feels like I”m wearing a diaper” type of experience. That definitely makes me happy as I do want her to comfortable, and to let her know that it is something natural that she shouldn’t feel bad about. I just try not to get into a tickle fight with her anymore….we both end up peeing lol.

With all of this said, it was time for to brainstorm and come up with something fun to make! We decided to make a skirt! Luckily, this skirt only needs to be worn once a month…at least that’s the joke lol!

angela poise skirt

Yes, that’s a look of shock that she can’t believe she’s actually wearing a skirt made of unused period pads lol! However, Angela is working this skirt like no one’s business! Plus, it actually matches the top she was wearing. Here’s what you will need for your DIY Unused Recycled Period pad project:

14 Unused pads
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
A big smile to actually wear this “Poise Couture” once a month lol.

Step 1: Gently remove all pads from the liners. We want to use the liners to make the fringe of the skirt
Step 2: Some pads have a little elasticity to them, so Make a slit cut at the bends of the pads.

diy pad 1

Step 3: With your glue gun, add glue along the seams and overlap the pads…one at a time.

diy pad 2

Step 4: With your glue gun in hand, tack on the wrappings of the pads to the opposite side of the pad design…and then use the remaining ones (placed length wise and overlapped) on the tops. Use this as the seam for the top of the skirt.

step 2 pads

Step 5: Place the skirt around yourself to find the right spot to tack into place with the glue gun. Angela is about a size 6, so we only need about 14 pads for this project. Once you find the right spot….glue into place with the glue gun. Now, you can do a lot of smiling! You just created your very own unused recycled period pad skirt! Who knew it was going to be so much fun!

diy period pad skirt

I hope you enjoyed this DIY post that Angela and I came up with. To learn more about LBL and how Poise can help you, please CLICK HERE To visit the Poise website and receive a free Sample!

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