20 natural ways to flavor water

I love drinking water, but I really love making different flavored water recipes! One of the most simple things you can do to improve your health is to start drinking more water. In fact, you probably need more than you think; this hydration calculator offers a guideline based on your weight, activity levels, climate and other factors.

Dehydration is actually pretty common. Headaches, fatigue, and muscle cramps are a few symptoms. It’s not a fun feeling, and you would be surprised at how easily you can become dehydrated! So many of us are used to drinking manufacturer made flavored waters. However, with that comes higher sodium levels, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors. I have to be super careful because I’m actually allergic to a couple of different food color dyes that are out there. So, I try to steer away from them completely. Also, I definitely try to steer clear of them for my sister. I really don’t want to fill her up with all of these synthetic toxins that might elevate her mood and throw her into hyper overdrive with her ADD, ADHD, and Bi-Polar disorder.

Staying hydrated has a wealth of benefits: water improves your skin, your digestion, your immune system. It’s also the most inexpensive beverage you can get your hands on!
If you aren’t a fan of plain water, try infusing it with fruits, berries, and herbs to add flavor. It’s so easy and incredibly refreshing.

How to Infuse Water

You’re going to love the simplicity of infusing your water for flavor! All you have to do is add whole berries and herbs and sliced fruit to plain cold water and drink up. You’ll notice a more intense flavor the longer your water sits. You can also intensify the flavor by squeezing fruits before adding them.

If you don’t want chunks in your water , you can even use an infusion bottle or infusion pitcher that’s made to hold the ingredients separately while they infuse your water with flavor!

There’s no end to the combinations you can use to infuse your water but some pairings taste better than others. Here are 20 tried and true flavor combinations.

20 Healthy & Delicious Water Infusion Recipe Ideas

  1. Strawberry and basil
  2. Lemon and ginger
  3. Blueberry and sage
  4. Lemon and peppermint
  5. Apple and ginger
  6. Cherry & lime
  7. Grapefruit and rosemary
  8. Pineapple and orange
  9. Lemon and cucumber
  10. Rhubarb and strawberry
  11. Lemon and sage
  12. Watermelon and lime
  13. Raspberry and basil
  14. Peach and cinnamon
  15. Lemon, basil, and rosemary
  16. Watermelon and cucumber
  17. Mango, lime, and ginger
  18. Pineapple and sage
  19. Grapefruit, orange, and mint
  20. Blackberry and peach

What’s your favorite combo for infused water?


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