DIY Halloween Tea Light Pumpkin Decorations

Easy DIY Halloween Pumpkin Tea Light Decorations

I completely love Halloween, and love trying to come up with easy DIY Halloween pumpkin  tea light decorations to do with the kids and to put that extra spice of fun in the house. When I was trying to think of something that’s easy to do with that kids, I broke out my pumpkin orange spray paint and started thinking. By the end of the end, something was going to get spray painted! That was a guarantee lol! Then I came up with these. I smiled the whole time I was making them.

DIY Halloween pumpkin tea light decorations

The best part about DIY Halloween pumpkin tea light decorations, besides being super adorable, is that they are SO easy to make AND they are very easy on the wallet! I actually bought a couple a couple of sets of tea lights from the Dollar Store, and the spray paint from Walmart, and I actually already had the other materials on hand.

DIY Halloween pumpkin tea light decorations

You can hang them outside in your trees, or inside if you have a Halloween tree setup. You can really place them where you want to. And then when the lights go out, turn on the tea lights to watch their noses shine a bright red-orange color. The tea lights I got from the Dollar store actually change colors, so it’s an even more cool effect to watch at night.

Let me show you how easy these DIY Halloween pumpkin tea light decorations are to make! But first, here are the things you’re going to need:

Battery Operated Tea Lights
Pumpkin Orang Colored Krylon Spray Paint (great for multi-surface projects)
Green Scrap yarn cut into 3″ pieces
Black Magic Marker
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

DIY Halloween pumpkin tea light decorations
Light coat the your tea light candles with the spray pain. Allow to Dry. Once dry, add a second coat.
DIY Halloween pumpkin tea light decorations
Once your tea light candles are thorough dry, use a black magic marker to decorate faces on them.
DIY Halloween pumpkin tea light decorations
With your hot glue gun, tack in place the green yarn. You will want to tack it in a couple of places as to ensure that the yarn is flush against the tea light candle. If not, your tea light candles will have a huge forward lean to them.

And that’s how easy they are to make! You can have the kids decorate the pumpkin’s faces different designs and smiles. You can also use Googley Eyes on them too for more fun!

DIY Halloween pumpkin tea light decorations

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