5 Free Cute Halloween Gift Tags!

free halloween gift tags

So, I’ve been busy cooking up some Ghoulish craft treats in Cast Iron Cauldron! My fresh witches brew helped to become inspired in making some fun Halloween gift tags for all of your party needs. Whether it be for a children’s party or an adults. There are so many fun ways to add that little extra flare

to add to the joy of the Halloween season! I was able to create 5 special treats for you. I also have some great ideas on how to use them! All you need to do is download and print, but I’ll be sure to leave you all of the instructions on how to do that!

1.  A Simple Pumpkin Halloween Gift Tag

This simple little guy is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face when you see him and his happy greeting. To download him or to print, CLICK HERE

2.  A Flying Witchy Night Halloween Gift Tag

This witch is sure to get everyone cackling while you watch her flying off into the “moon set” of the dark skied evening (luckily, she just missed that treeO. To download her or to print, CLICK HERE

3.  A Spiders Nest With A Message Halloween Gift Tag

You can’t miss the creepy crawling black spider coming out of his web! But Look out below and be careful! I wouldn’t want you to be scared by this spookish message lurking below. To download or to print, CLICK HERE

4.  Trick Or Treat Ghost Halloween Gift Tag

This spooky ghost says it all! Are you scared? I ain’t scared of no ghost (thank you Ghost Busters!). Well, maybe I am…just a little bit. So, maybe you don’t need to be too afraid in printing up this little guy. to download or print, CLICK HERE

5.  There’s a Skeleton There Halloween Gift Tag

Not that we all don’t have any skeletons in our closets, but this is one skeleton that we don’t have to be afraid of. Here’s just Hanging out with his Halloween greeting for everyone! To download or print, CLICK HERE

Halloween Gift Tag Craft Ideas

1. If you’re going to make goody bags for a Halloween party (or for school class party), use small clear plastic bags that you can find from the dollar store, buy some black yarn, and find a hole puncher. After cutting out the tags, punch a hole in a corner. Then cut 7 to 8 inches of yarn. Pull the black yarn through the hole, and then tie the string around the top of the plastic bag. Double knot it, if you want a tighter closure. I don’t recommend using staples. It’s like giving kids an apple with a razor blade inside, someone is going to get hurt.

2. Use them as name tags for place settings at a table to add a little bit more personalize fun.

3. Use them to personalize a Halloween Birthday Gift. They were born on Halloween, so you might as well add a little bit of humor into that aspect!

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