Nescafe Dolce Gusto Product Review

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Product Review

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Product Review

As you all know by now, I am a super coffee freak. If you pretty much threw coffee or espresso into a recipe…I’m probably gonna like it a lot! Well, the people at Nescafé heard about my love and passion for coffee, so they decided to send me a machine to see what I thought about it. As always, you know that I will only give my 100% honest opinion about products that I get to review. Just because someone sends me something for free to review, doesn’t mean that I will give a biased opinion.

At first, I was little confused by this machine. Why? Because it was small and so compact. I was wondering how a company can brag about making an amazing espresso infused drink, and why so my many people would endorse this machine. Could it actually be possible that a machine of this size could boast about an amazing product? Well, let’s find out! Now, for this product review…I also created a delicious recipe that is so super easy to make and follow along with. Today, we’re going to make a Salted Caramel Latte Macchiato. Which, I feel is just so perfect for the fall weather upon us.

gusto 2
gusto 4

For this, I used Smucker’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream Topping (don’t judge me!), a milk pod, and then an espresso pod. Place a tablespoon of the salted caramel sauce at the bottom and then place under the Dolce Gusto machine. Now, if you look at the pods themselves, you will see that there are water level markings on them. This allows the machine to know how much water to release. At the top of the machine, there is a little wheel that kind of looks like an old school scroll wheel on a mouse. Once you move the wheel, you will see that there are different green bars that will light up. You simply scroll until the number of green bars matches the amount of bars that is on the pods. Super easy. Okay…I can do that. 

Life the silver handle, pull out the black pod holder, place your pod into the holder, place holder back into machine, and then press silver hand lever back down firmly. Press the Red Hot water button once and watch the magic work.

gusto 5

Once thing to note: All of the milk pods are already slightly sweetened with real sugar…so there’s no need to add an additional sugar unless you like it sweet! When the machine is done releasing your hot milk into the cup, then life the handle up to take out old milk pod and to replace it with the espresso pod.

Set the scroll wheel to match the number of green bars versus the number of bars on the package and press the red hot button again.

gusto 6

When everything is all said and done, take and drizzle a little bit more of salted caramel sauce on top to make it look pretty! This whole process is so fast. I was actually really amazing about how I had really absolutely no waiting time for my beverage. I was like…excuse me! That was pretty fast little machine! This drink was absolutely delicious! I mean, how could you go wrong anyway? CARAMEL! YUM!!

Here’s a few things to note about setting up your machine:
1.  Fill up your tank with water to the Max line.
2. There are two buttons on top and one button (Blue is for cold water and red is for hot water) on the side (the power button).
3. I let the water cycle through both sides. I always do this with my machines. You know…just to get rid of any dust or something that might be in there.
4. It takes up very little counter space. I really LOVE this feature.

As you might have noticed, you read “Cold Water” button. That’s not a mistake. You can easily transform any of your beverages into an iced beverage. Through most traditional ways, you would have to wait for your ingredients to cool down before adding ice. IF you added ice too soon, then you just have a watered down beverage…and who wants that? Simple press the cold water button for the milk…and then hit your espresso button (hot button). Your beverage will barely be warm…and then you can add your ice to it without having any beverage dilution problem.

This machine is definitely a keeper! I can really use it all year long. If anything, I would like to comment about the milk pods. The milk pods have a “whole milk” flavor to them.  I like more of a 2% to skim to milk beverages like this. One solution I found is to add more water to it…and it won’t be as creamy. Besides that, I do like the subtle creamy texture to my beverages I created with it.

Here’s the final result with a much better camera:

salted caramel macchioatto

Now, as you already know…I don’t do normal product reviews. I like to make a little something with them. So, I decided to come up with a Peanut Butter Pumpkin cookie! Oh good grief are they super easy to make and are delicious! They are a perfect pairing with the Salted Caramel Macchiato!

salted caramel macchiatto 2

So, here’s the verdict: Get it! It’s really just as delicious as any beverage that you can get from a Starbucks or other coffee shop. Even the espresso is of really yummy quality.

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