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How To Clean Up Life’s Little Messes With Clorox2®

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I am participating in a VIN campaign for Clorox® . I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Clorox® and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. #clorox2 #sponsored

Writing this post is a little bit on the emotional side for me. I know you’re probably thinking of how a sponsored post can be so emotional, but it writing this makes my heart a little sad and happy at the same time. My grandparents both passed away a little over 7 years ago. My grandmother first, and then my grandfather shortly after. I was extremely close to my grandparents, and I love them so very much. They were always beacons of light and love in my life. They’ve always encouraged me in life, and always made sure to know that I could conquer anything once I set my mind to it. I get my craft side of life mostly from my grandfather, and my knitting and baking skills from my grandmother. They always made each holiday special, so we always tried to make Grandparent’s Day special for them. Those days of when they passed away were super tough on me. They were truly my best friends. We spent countless hours on the phone chatting the days away, and I miss hearing their voice today. However, I was (and am) determined to keep certain traditions alive and going strong in the family. Most importantly, the aspect of food and how it brings family members together…no matter what little messes in life may come from it.

My three nephews and Angela happily posing with a bottle of Clorox2® for me. I like for them to see that their clothes don't magically wash themselves!
My three nephews and Angela happily posing with a bottle of Clorox2® for me. I like for them to see that their clothes don’t magically wash themselves!

I have an ever growing family happening right now. It started with my Stephen and I taking control of my special needs sister, Angela. As you all know, Angela is a total handful. She loves her crayons, markers, and all things arts and crafts. So, there’s always a small stain ready to be cleaned up on her clothes. Now, we have my other sister and three of her amazing children living with us. However, they are “boys” and love getting dirty, even though they confess differently. Then there’s me…always cooking something in the kitchen. This year for Grandparent’s Day, I went straight to the kitchen and started cooking like a mad man. I then was going to take them on a hike, and play some board games. My grandparents were huge on playing cards and board games. Believe it or not, the kids and Angela don’t mind being unplugged form video games and other forms of electronic entertainment.

There are very few brands of detergent and laundry pre-treatments out there on the market that I trust, but I trust the Clorox® brand…which includes their line of Clorox2® Laundry detergent color enhancer and pre-treatment. My grandmother has always used Clorox® in her house, so it only seems right to keep it in the family. In fact, I wouldn’t trust any other brand to keep my nephew’s and Angela’s colorful bright and clean. Though, I should worry about my clothes, too! Mostly because I am the one that does the major cleaning from them; however, Stephen is the laundry master! I totally can’t take credit for doing the laundry all of the time.

Us celebrating Grandparent’s Day together was a lot of fun, though I did not go unscathed from food stains from cooking and baking all day. I have these favorite pair of cargo shorts that I love wearing. White with light grey and black stripes. Look at them! I’m giving the “What is that??” look because I’m totally clueless what food group the stains belong to.

what is that

Luckily, I have Clorox2® around so I can use it as a laundry -pre-treatment before throwing them in the wash. Can you see how happy I am that I have my my Clorox2® in hand and ready to go? Yes. I was a totally happy little man!

me and clorox 2

I had a lot of food stains on my shorts, so I used about a 1/4 cup (from the measuring cup that it provides in the cap) to spread over my stains and scrub in for a few minutes.

clorox 2 as a pre-treatment for laundry

Easy peasy! No fuss and my little messes are gonna be good as new!

clorox 2 product image

I was even kind enough to put all of the laundry and detergent together for Stephen to go and wash. Not to brag, but I do tend to spoil Stephen by always getting the laundry together for him to wash. Super nice of me, right? That’s what I thought, too!

Here is a great laundry tip for you: Don’t be like me and wait until the next day to pre-treat your clothes. As soon as you spill your favorite flavored coffee or glass of wine, take the article of clothing off and put some Clorox2® on it! You’ll get greater results this way. My food stains totally came out, but wine, coffee, and grass stains should be given attention as soon as possible. You’ll get more life out of your clothes this way! You’ll be super excited about how Clorox2® can keep your colors bright and stain free – even if your clothes have already met the fate of the dryer, Clorox2® can still help your favorite pair of sweat pants, shorts, or hoodie! Plus, you can use Clorox2® in High Efficiency machines and standard washing machines. So, its super versatile and I like that a lot! See…a trusted brand. Grandma is never wrong!

I don’t get upset when Angela or the kids create messes on their clothes from coloring with crayons & markers, playing in the grass or mud, or even me with cooking in the kitchen. These are all just little messes in life that come along from participating in a well-lived life. A life of love, accidents, spills, hikes, baking, cooking, playing, enjoying glasses of wine, board games, brownies, and anything else that the family happens to come across along the journey. A mess to one person, is a memory created for another. Don’t worry, though. Clorox2® can help you clean up those little messes of life.

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