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How To Not Lose It During The Holidays

How to not lose it during the holidays

It’s that time of the year when the excitement of seeing friends and family builds up until you’re just about to burst with joy! Just as you’re perfecting your list of recipes to make for everyone to enjoy, it dawns on you that you invited EVERYONE over for you Holiday meals.

Then that dreaded stress settles into the pit of your stomach, while wondering,” Who is going to consume too much wine?”, “Who shouldn’t sit next to each other?”, “Is the turkey going to be done it time?”, “Are people going to show up too early?”, “Why am I not drinking now?”, “Wait…who’s a vegetarian?”.

Yeah, good luck with that! Lucky for you I have a few tips to help you not totally LOSE IT this year, and I have a ton of great tips to share from my friend, Brett, over at This Momma Loves. She wrote a super fun and helpful post about How to Avoid a Holiday Disaster: Thanksgiving 911. She put together a pretty sweet basket that she calls “The Emergency Holiday Essentials Kit”. Personally, I think you NEED to have a glass of wine; however, there’s a lot of great supplies that you just might need when everyone comes over. Who cares if it’s 6am and everyone else is sleeping while you’re slaving away in the kitchen.

YOU need a little happy thyme to yourself and that oven (Did you see what I did there? Time…Thyme…hahaha! Yes, It’s wine o’clock for me right now. Don’t judge me.).

Another great tip? Don’t Cook too much food! Stop it right now! Stephen and I learned our lesson last year when we had about 22 people over for a Thanksgiving Dinner.

We made double trays of all of the food we had, we told everyone to come over way too early, the turkey wasn’t cooked all the way through, I made a half cooked potato gratin that I could barely serve because everyone was already stuffed from the first round of food (we didn’t even put the second round of food up!), I tried making a coffee station downstairs (didn’t work out because everything used too much electricity), and I ran out of antacid. I literally had to run to the nearest gas station that was open, and luckily they had my go to stomach cure stuff (Pepto Bismol tablets).

My last tip is to have some music of your favorite music playing while wearing your favorite slippers! Music calms the savage beast, and playing for your favorite music will totally help you out! For me, it’s Christmas music. I know, you’re probably sick and tired of it, but I just love it. I listen to Christmas music all year long…non-stop…and I don’t care what anybody thinks about it either. It puts me into the happiest of happy moods! And yes, I wear slippers. They are dreamiest pair to ever have, as they have that memory foam cushion for the insoles. I know they look like old man slippers, but I could really don’t care. My feet are super happy, and so are my ears whilst the Christmas music plays those happy little notes.

I can’t totally fix your holiday plans, but hopefully something that I said will help lessen the blow. Enjoy yourself during the Holidays, and just don’t stress. Besides, that’s why we have wine.

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