Our Father Listens

“You can talk to God because God listens. Your voice matters in heaven. He takes your very seriously. When you enter His presence, he turns to you to hear your voice. No need to fear that you will be ignored.” (The Great House of God, Max Lucado)

This was part of own daily devotion. It just so happened that I was searching youtube.com for another song, and came across this true gem of a song from, The Diary of A Mad Black Woman. I forgot how this song rushed emotions through. Now, to truly understand the importance of the lady walking down the aisle, giving her life and all her worries to God, you have to watch the movie. If I remember correctly, though, she was always strung out on drugs while ignoring her child (the little girl singing from the choir). She gives it all her worries and life to God because she knows that she can no longer do it own her own.

We have ALL felt this, at least I know I have. We don’t think that God, our Father, is listening…but He is! He has never left our side, and He has never turned a deaf ear. He is listening. Are you speaking? If you are speaking, then what are you saying to Him? He listens to use we try to barter with Him, “God, if you just help me out this one more time…I promise that I will…” We have all said this. What have you promised God that you would do? Have you done? Probably not, but I hope you have! Even if you haven’t fulfilled your end of the bargain, He still follows through with His word. Eternal salvation and blessings from the Kingdom of Heaven.

He Listens. He Listens. He Listens.
I cry out to the Lord;
I pray to the Lord for Mercy.

Psalms 142:1

He listens and shows His mercy. He doesn’t do it your time, but in His. You just have to be open and receptive to Listen back to Him. His timing is perfect and flawless. I know it’s hard to comprehend at times, but even right now while reading this devotional post…He….is….listening to you.

I chose this song to highlight because it shows that if we give it all to God, he will fulfill His promise that He gave to us. I still get chills and tear up. It’s only the first part of this song I want you truly listen to. It’s the only video that would allow me to embed this song, but please feel free to listen to the rest.

Eternal love.
Eternal Salvation.
No more tears.
No more pain.
A family of love and hope.
I’m walking testament to this fact.

It’s time for YOU to start listening. God is speaking to you, as you always speak and shout to Him.
God Bless You…

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