A Road Less Foggy


We’ve been traveling down this road together…all of you have been traveling with us. Is the journey over? No…not by a long shot. However, I remember once when we couldn’t even find a road through all of thick fog that blanketed the air around us. There was a time where it felt like the forces of nature were over powering us, and Angela was stuck in a time capsule that couldn’t be opened.

Though, I guess sometimes you have walk blindly with no direction to allow clarity to sink in. It’s the same as us being new found “parents”. No one know if you’re doing something right or wrong, you just go at blindly and hope for the best. The road is foggy, our headlights our on…and the fog is slowly lifting.

The thing of the matter is that we can’t be afraid of having fog in our life. We can’t be afraid of walking blindly on the road. The fog is always going to life. Just know that the fog is going to dissipate, and the veil of life will show itself to you.

This journey with Angela hasn’t been easy, but it has been enlightening and educational. We are still so emotionally tired from what we just went through, but the people surround us with help and love make it all so much better. They are the ones make the road less foggy for us.

Can you see the light at the end of the road? I know that we can…and we are very happy that light has entered into our lives in helping understand Angela…and giving her a new sense of purpose, hope, and a love filled life.

Here’s to all of us having a road less foggy.

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