Opening The Secret Window


Today was the official day that we got to meet Angela’s Doctor for the first time. Together, we opened up the secret window into finding out what makes Angela tick…on a physiological plane. Our secret window officially began opening today. Today…that window has been cracked open. The hinges creaked while trying to open, but the WD-40 is in sight.

My partner and I already had a plan ready to go. He would sit with her in the waiting room while gave the new Doctor a “pre-emptive strike” of what we had experiencing with her…to try to help get to the root of the problem in a more facilitative manner. Also, I didn’t to talk about every single thing in front of Angela. If I had, the secret window would have been shattered and led astray in a complete and total different direction. The Doctor agreed to do so. Any Doctor that recommends tea tree oil and a higher grade of melatonin is A okay in my book.

As I was feverishly talking to the Doctor, she was fervent in her typing of notes and asked all of the “right questions to ask”. I like this Doc. She knows how to listen intently and purposefully, without making me feel maniacal in what I was wanting to get across and describe her current & previous medical conditions. I asked the Doc to please keep any type of medical talk to pleasantries, as Angela would take something and run with it…while my partner and I would have listen aimlessly to her for hours…repeating the same thing over and over again.

The Doc was on point with everything. I like this Doc. She doesn’t want over medicate Angela, nor does she want to give her meaningless medicine if not needed. Together, we pout a plan of attack into place. She gave me a stronger dose of melatonin to give to her for 30 days to help get her back into a normal sleep cycle. She also prescribed Xanax to help alleviate any type of outburst. She wants to help keep her calm as well; however, the Doc smile at me slyly…as if she was really giving me the gift of peace and serenity. I might have to take her up on that smile.

The Doc definitely agreed that Angela’s hormones are out of sorts, and wants to do a complete blood panel. The Doc’s goal? To get Angela’s hormones under control before her next period. Again, without heavy medication…yet, we want to do whatever is right for Angela. As we both agreed that it is unfair that we should constantly have to go through this hormonal struggle. She wants to help quiet the rage so we can all have a peaceful home to coexist in.

I like this Doc. She’s okay in my book.

Today, we all took a deep breath of fresh air…and weight was lifted.

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