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Why Eating Right Is The Most Important Thing For Your Health


why eating healthy is the most important thing to do for your health

Our relationship with food has become somewhat strained over the years. Everyone knows they need to do it; some people enjoy it, and some people wish they didn’t have to. Glossy takeout flyers tempt us, offering ever-more opulent new developments. A pizza that’s topped with burgers? Darn you, fast-food giants! Once again you’ve found my Achilles Heel.


It’s become almost a joke that we find ourselves craving the very foods that are bad for us. The truth is that they are convenient and tasty. They can also be addictive, and it’s a hard cycle to break. How many times do you find yourself saying “I know I should be good, but it’s an early start tomorrow, and I’m already tired…”? Within seconds, the flyer is in one hand, the phone in the other. Willpower begone.

Many factors in modern society have brought this about, not least of which is a work-life balance that favors the former. Eating fresh foods with plenty of nutrients is something we should all do. We’ll feel better, live longer, sleep more soundly, the list is almost unending. But convenience food is easier, and what is easy wins. As human beings, we’re wired to seek comfort. Easy and tasty are comfortable for us all. You should definitely try my oven roasted vegetables recipes! It’s great for the whole family and super delicious!

It’s obvious, then, what we need to do. Finding easier, tastier and cheaper ways to eat something that’s good for us is essential. The truth is that they’re never going to start growing bacon cheeseburgers that are low-calorie. That giant pizza is not suddenly going to become low-carb and nutritious. But there are increasing options for foods that don’t take forever to prepare and are bursting with flavor.

Although the day may not yet be here when you can lift the phone and have an express delivery for really healthy foods, you also don’t need to slave for hours. When you watch this video about Hampton Creek foods, you can see that tasty, nourishing and different food doesn’t have to be a headache. And the better you’re eating, the more energy you’ll have, so the urge to veg out reduces too.


The truth is simple. Although we’re living longer and dealing with illness better, we’re not necessarily healthier. Medical science has made many advances, but eating things our body doesn’t agree with won’t ever be healthy. And no-one’s saying you can never have a treat, but it makes a lot of sense to think about how you can eat healthy food and enjoy it.

Eating healthy food is not the only thing you can do to live a healthier life. There’s plenty you can do regarding exercise, relaxation and hydration that will make a big difference too. But because food is the fuel on which you run, it makes sense to ensure that you’re getting something that won’t clog the engine. If you want to feel better – and crave junk less – then it makes sense to explore your options now. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.


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