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Easy Summer Chores List For Kids

Easy Summer Chores List For Kids
With school out and summer officially here, the kids are at home and looking for things to do. This year help teach your kids a little extra responsibility by using this Easy Summer Chores List For Kids . If your family gives an allowance for completed chores then this could mean extra money for them to go to movies, visit the amusement park or buy the latest video game. If not, it is simply a great way to help you out and beat boredom while giving them a chance to learn how to become more responsible for their things and home. These are just a few things you can include in their normal every day chore list to help expand on what they already do and also teach them more about their home and how to maintain it.


• Water Garden, Lawn or Flower Bed
• Dust baseboards, lower shelves and non breakable items
• Feed & Pick Up After Pets
• Vacuum their rooms (and additional rooms as directed by mom)
• Help pick vegetables from garden
• Sort, start, fold and put away laundry

• Help prepare breakfast and lunch for family
• Clean bathrooms
• Gather & Take Out Garbage
• Wash the Car
• Clean out closets
• Dust and clean ceiling fans, higher shelves and breakable items
• Load and empty dishwasher

• Babysit younger siblings
• Touch up paint or repaint rooms/trim in house {Great if a teen wants to restyle their bedroom – they take responsibility and accomplish the task themselves}
• Plant and maintain a herb or vegetable garden
• Maintain yard work {Mow lawn, weed, water and put out pesticides as desired/needed}
• Create Menu Meal Plan
• Create Shopping List & Clip Coupons according to weekly sales ads

Every family dynamic is different as are the individual needs and abilities of a child. This easy summer chores list for kids is simply a place to begin. Your child may not be able to physically or mentally complete some of these tasks at the suggested age, or they may be able to do them all at a much younger age. The idea with these chores is to increase during summer months what they are normally responsible for to include more difficult and time consuming tasks. These are things that they may not have time for during the school year, or things you wish to supervise more closely and hope to do so during the summer months to cultivate the skills needed to complete the tasks appropriately. Adjust, add to or remove from this and make it your own to help your kids learn and enjoy their summer this year.

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