15 Products to Make Meal Prepping Easier

Whether you’ve made a resolution or just a goal to eat better, meal prepping is a great way to eat healthier. Meal prepping does a lot for us, from helping with portion control to just eat healthier foods overall. Sometimes it’s hard to stick with; however, if you start a routine, it helps to ease the lull of the tasks.

Make it fun by buying some of these must have meal prepping supplies and even step it up a notch by making it color (if being colorful helps you).

If you’re a part of my Instant Pot Weight Watchers Community, then you already know how much we love meal planning and finding ways to help stay focused.

To help you stay focused, I created a fun little printable meal planner! It’s a simple little design that can help you stay on track. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. If you want to save on ink, be sure to switch to black and white only.

Best Tips for Making Meal Prepping Easier

  • Buy foods in bulk. This can help keep costs down!
  • Set one day a week aside for all your cooking.
  • Meal plan before going to the grocery store. Also, make sure you eat before you go to the grocery store, or your hunger pains will make you buy stuff you don’t really need.
  • If you’re trying to eat healthier, make sure to use healthier seasons, less salt, and try to stock up on things in your dietary regiment.
  • Buy a calendar so you can write what you want to eat and what day you want to eat them on. This helps me stay on top of what I actually have.
  • Don’t get stuck with cooking from scratch or checking out a cookbook. Most likely, you have a lot of great pantry items in stock!
  • Before going shopping, see what you already have in the fridge, and try to develop a meal that you can use now.
  • Double or triple dip with your ingredients! If you cooked chicken cutlets, look at how many times you can use the chicken: chili, tacos, soups, etc. Same things for other ingredients like green onions, tortillas, etc.
  • Start small! Don’t try to do too much at one time, especially if you’ve never done meal prepping before. Start with lunches or snacks. Plan them out a couple of weeks in advance, and this will get you used to prepping.
  • Stay Consistent. By staying consistent, you are creating a new habit!
  • Keep a variety of spices on hand. This will stop from having the “same food over and over again.”
  • Have a list when you go to the grocery store! If you go in with a plan of attack, it will help you from not buying the extra stuff you don’t need at the moment. Believe it or not, this will help reduce your monthly grocery bill!
  • If you’re not great at chopping and dicing vegetables, save time and buy the pre-cut ones in your product section or freezer! It’ll save your so much time and effort.
  • Put your kitchen tools to work! Use your slow cooker and pressure cooker to cook in batches! You don’t always have to worry about using your stove top or oven. This also allows you to do other things while the food is cooking.

This Items are going to make Your Life Easier!

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a big part of meal prepping. You can pre-make salads, oatmeal, jams, and more to store in these. Plus even better you can reuse these so you aren’t wasting money.


Having a FoodSaver is a HUGE money saver with meal prepping. You can divide up your meals and freeze them for the next week. This FoodSaver model is also a space saver and takes up less space when not in-use.

Mandoline Slicer

If you’re adding veggies to your meals, then a mandoline slicer is something you need in your kitchen. You can prep/slice your veggies in five different ways to cook or have them raw. (Plus it’s a great way to prep your veggies then use your FoodSaver to store them for later.

Pyrex Bowls

Make your own jams, sauces, and dressings for your meal prep meals. Then store them in these handy dandy Pyrex bowls. These bowls are just one cup and you can rinse and reuse them later.

Meal Prep Containers

Meal prep containers are a necessity when making all your meals at once. You can prep a full week and more with this set. Three compartments to store your protein, vegetable, and starch. Using plastic meal prep containers you can microwave in them as well as wash them in the dishwasher.

Ninja Pro

If you like mixing and creating your own smoothies, dough, or just about anything, the Ninja Pro is the perfect kitchen appliance with your meal prepping. The magical device even comes with its own smoothie cups (or dressing/yogurt). You can even program presets on this bad boy!

Silicone Food Lids

If you have fruit, veggies, or bowls in general that need to be saved then silicone lids are your best friend. This silicone food lid set has sizes that can cover up to a watermelon or as little as orange. Reusable and washable.

Instant Pot

Every meal prepping needs an Instant Pot in their lives. These are perfect for prepping large amounts of proteins or veggies at one time. You can drop in your chicken or beef you plan on making for your weekly meals all in one swift push of a button. Find out what size Instant Pot you need for your household.


If you like to simmer and slow cook your meats and veggies then you can use your Crock-Pot to cook all your supplies at once. This model can hold up to a 9lb roast!

Hand Blender

Buying expensive smoothie mixes, salsa, and more is now a thing of the past with this awesome Hand Blender. You can mix up your favorite yogurts, smoothies, and even make your own salsa or soups with this gadget.

Silicone Baking Mats

If you’ve ever wanted to skip washing the cookie sheets then silicone baking mats is where it’s at. Make homemade fruit chews, portion sized cookies, and smaller sized baked veggies (veggie chips).

Silicone Baking Cups

If you’re packing your meals but want to add more fruits or sauces you can use silicone baking cups to keep things apart. Best part these are super easy to clean, wash, and reuse. Color-code your sides or sauces for added organization.

Dry Erase Markers

Use your dry erase markers to stay organized on a white-board or directly on the containers. When meal prepping you will need to date your foods, whether frozen, prepped, or still raw you want to make sure things stay in date.

Sharpie Markers

For the same reason you might need dry erase markers, you’ll need Sharpie markers. The only difference is Sharpie markers will last longer (you can still get it off with alcohol). If you organize your supplies in bins or jars you can use Sharpie markers to keep them all labeled and in-date.

Herb Shears

If you’re making your own seasonings and flavors then herb shears need to be in your kitchen drawer. No more chopping needed with these. Beware of the five super sharp blades when you’re cleaning these too.

Cutting Board with Drawers

Skip the mess of using a cutting board and then moving everything to your bowls. Now with this cutting board with drawers you can just keep your bowls under the board, cut, and then slide directly into the bowls for an easier clean-up.

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