Ways To Simplify Your Morning Routine For School

There are so many ways that you can simply your morning routine for school, and not have a total meltdown. Whether you have a diva that likes to change clothes a dozen times, or a grumpy bottom that is hard to get out of bed, the morning routine can be troublesome. That’s why we have gathered up the best tips we know of to make it easier to manage – no matter your family’s needs.

Here are some great ways to simplify your morning routine when school is back in session!

Ways To Simplify Your Morning Routine For School

First off, calm down and grab a cup of coffee. Everyone knows to get back into a good morning routine for school, you have to have a big cup of that sweet delicious brewed nectar. Next, focus on what your actual needs are. So often, we get lost in what we want to do and forget about what we actually need to do. These tips will help you make it easier to manage your morning routine, no matter how many kids you have to get out the door.

Invest in a coffee pot that is programmable. If you, as a parent, struggle to get up in the mornings, having that one thing to help is a must. For me, coffee is my morning answer Normally I’m pressing the button on my K-Cup brewer while balancing everything else out in the morning. I definitely recommend a programmable coffee maker or K-Cup coffee brewing system. This way the golden nectar is brewed and ready to go at a time that you want it ready.

For some parents, it is having a specific alarm set, or maybe making sure they can have a long hot shower first thing before waking the kids up. Whatever it is that helps you to function better in the morning, that is important over anything else on this list. Without mom or dad in top order, nothing else will come together like you need for the day.

Create a solid bathroom schedule. If you have more than one child getting ready in the morning, it is important to make sure you have bathroom time for everyone. It’s a good idea to mix up bath or shower time for everyone by having some bathe at night and others in the morning. It’s common to get kids baths at night, and parents in the morning.

A morning schedule for the bathroom isn’t just for showering. It is also for brushing teeth, washing faces, and of course, using the bathroom. If you only have one bathroom, this is even harder to juggle. Some families will make use of mirrors in bedrooms to do things like fix kids hair, and using the kitchen sink to brush teeth. Whatever you do, make sure it is what works best for you and your family.

Make freezer breakfast meals. Another big time waster is making sure everyone has something for breakfast. While it is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be convenient. My favorite options are freezer breakfasts. Making breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, or even muffins in advance and freezing them to grab and reheat in the morning is super convenient.

You may also prefer to have things like yogurt or fresh fruit on hand for easy breakfasts even the kids can make themselves. Cereal is a treat here, but if you like to have it on hand, that is another easy convenient item. Whatever you choose for breakfast, make sure it fits into the time you have available. That means you may also want to have grab and go options like juice boxes, granola, or yogurt that your kids can easily eat in the car on the way to school.

Prepare lunch box items in advance. Packing lunches can take a lot of time in your morning schedule, so why not prepare in advance? I prefer getting things ready on Sunday for the entire week. Things like fruit, cheese, luncheon meats, crackers, and similar items can be portioned and bagged to just toss into a lunch box each morning. If I am sending leftovers for lunch, I prep those as I put away food after dinner. It’s simple to prepare, and takes little time to add this into your routine.

It is important to limit choices for lunches. While you may want to have a variety of options available, it is important to streamline things by giving only 1-2 choices. This eliminate both arguments about what they can have, as well as the dawdling to choose something each morning.

Make kids choose clothing once per week. Picking out what to wear is a huge burden in the morning routine. Especially if your kids are at that age where appearance has suddenly become even more important to them. If your school requires uniforms this is a simple thing to manage. If not, I recommend grabbing items that are easy to mix and match, and then making kids pick out the entire week at once on the weekend. This makes it easy to grab what is designated for them each morning without arguments.

Create a chore chart for everyone to follow. If there are chores involved in your morning routine, having a chore chart in an easy to see are is a must. This will help kids follow the routine while you are busy, and will make sure your pets get fed before you rush out the door. Even a simple list of eating breakfast, brushing teeth, and combing hair can be helpful for the younger kids in your home.

Set up a backpack station. Backpacks are a must for school, and they can be that one item that disappears when you need it most. A hook or chair that backpacks must be on at bedtime is a great way to keep track and make sure everything is where it should be in the morning when you head out the door. There are tons of great ideas out there for family command centers, and this is one of the best reasons to create one. A central location to keep everything can really help keep you on your toes, and kids accountable.

Setup everything you need the night before. By doing this one simple step, you can save yourself those precious minutes to savor that coffee. My family knows that I like to keep myself organized, or I will totally lose it on them. So if I can have everything I…well they…need in the morning by doing it the night before, I know that I will be able to start the day off on the right foot by being a few steps ahead of the game.

If you want to truly simplify your morning routine, it’s all about finding what is needed and most important for your family. These tips are great for helping make it easier, but you also need to focus on what is a must for you family each morning. You may be able to skip your morning shower, but having a hot breakfast is important. Take the time to choose what works best for your family and your morning routine for school will go much smoother.

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