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Spring Date Ideas

spring date ideas

After binge-watching “House of Cards” in sweatpants under a warm blanket and eating comfort food, Spring has sprung and it’s time to get outside! Dating expert, Anita Covic, explains that also includes your love life.

“Fresh air and activities that get you moving can really spark some romance and land you that second date,” said Covic, Dating Specialist for international online dating sites www.AnastasiaDate.com and www.AsianDate.com.

For international online daters who are meeting each other for a first date, Covic has the following recommendations:

• Take a hike- No need to climb Mount Everest together, but consider walking by a lake, looking at the koi fish in the pond, watching surfers in the waves or stroll through the promenade

• Outdoor activity- From a Segway tour to kayak rentals or biking through Central Park or down a boardwalk, activity increases the serotonin levels, making you happy and likely wanting to spend time with that special someone again

• Go for a picnic- Not only will you save money rather than going to a fancy restaurant, but memories will be created. A picnic also shows capability for cooking and planning for a significant other. Don’t worry about having a fancy picnic basket. Just use a backpack! Remember the blanket or yoga mat so that you and your date can sit together.

• Attend a sporting event- Baseball season starts on April 3. What is more American than baseball to introduce your international date to US culture? From traditions like singing “take me out to the ballgame” to wearing a baseball cap and bringing a glove to the game, this is another fun cultural event to share together.

When participating in an activity together, conversation typically comes more naturally, rather than a forced conversation that appears more like a job interview with a prospect.

Remember, be creative. Be yourself. Have fun and you’ll see if there is chemistry. Get out of the house and start thinking of what order you want to start lining up your spring dates.

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