Halloween Mason Jar Crafts

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a spooky way to celebrate, then Halloween mason jar crafts are perfect! They range from simple to complex so there’s something for everyone. These DIY projects will keep your friends guessing what they might find inside each of their gifts. Happy crafting!

easy diy hallloween mason jar crafts you'll howl to make

What type of mason jars can you use to make these scary and fun Halloween crafts?

Almost any type of mason jar can be used for Halloween Mason Jar Crafts. There are some jars that are too short to accommodate the lids. You can also use Ball or Kerr brand wide-mouth pints if you want your ghosts peeking out through the roof of the jar.

It’s fun to get together with friends and family and talk about what kinds of ghosts or witches might be hiding inside their jars. You could also fill them with candy, toys, play jewelry, or a little bit of everything. If you decorate the jar beforehand, it will be a complete surprise when your guests open them up.

What is the best way to stack the mason jars?

Mason jars are supposed to be airtight so if you stack them in an odd shape, they won’t fit properly into the lid. This will open up an air passage and cause your jar to leak. To avoid this, either stack them straight down or place a smaller piece of wood in between the jars so they’ll stand up evenly. Do whatever works best for you and the type of jar that you’re using.

What kind of Halloween decorations can I use to make These Halloween Mason Jar crafts?

You can use basically anything for decoration. Craft foam is great for making ghosts and witches. If you glue on buttons or googly eyes, they will look like they’re peeking out from the jar. You can also use paint, glitter, pom-poms, bugles tubes (for cobwebs), cheesecloth (for ghosts), tulle (for witches’ dresses), pipe cleaners, or different types of string. The possibilities are endless!

What are the best ways to make the ghosts stand up?

If you want your ghosts standing up inside the jar, there are a couple of techniques that work great. You could make their “ribs” out of wire hangers and then construct their bodies using pom-poms or fake cotton balls. You could also use sponges for their bodies but they won’t stand up.

You can layer the ghosts if you prefer instead of having one big ghost. First, put large pieces of the craft foam together and hot glue them to the sides of the jar. Then, cover up any gaps or tears with smaller pieces of foam that you can glue on top of the first layer. You could also use different colored pom-poms for this like green, orange, white, blue—whatever colors you have.

If you want to put a “spooky” spin on Halloween Mason Jar Crafts, there are several ways that you can do this as well. You could decorate the jars with creepy spider webs or cobwebs by simply gluing them onto the jars with clear craft glue. If your jar has handles, you can glue on googly eyes and draw a scary face onto the jar. Your ghosts can also have “skeletons” by gluing together white pom-poms or craft foam “bones”. These are just some ideas but you can use whatever materials that you think look best for your specific project.

16 Halloween Mason Jar Crafts You’ll Love!

Jack O’ Lantern Mason Jar Kit

You’ll love how much this Jack O’ lantern is to make, and how adorable it is! You’ll love to save these and use year over year!

Falling Stars Glitter Jars by Kids Activities Blog

This jar would be lovely anytime, but at Halloween, it feels simply mystical! Make a few and shake them up anytime you need a little daydream escape!

Mason Jar Mummy by Mixed Kreations

This easy mason jar craft is perfect for a last minute way to wrap up your decor!

Fishnet Jars by Cutefetti

This tutorial walks you through how to make instant ambiance with these unique and pretty fishnet jars!

Painters Tape Halloween Jars by The Happiest Camper

Get creative with some handy blue tape to create these epic Halloween jars that you will certainly want to display year after year!

Pumpkin Mason Jars by Sustain My Craft Habit

Make mason jars into the ideal fall decor with this upcycle project. These are perfect to display all over the house!

Creepy Halloween Mason Jars by Hunny I’m Home

These erie crafts are the perfect way to add a little spook to your spectacular Halloween decor.

Spider Lanterns by Bitz n Giggles

These creepy crawly jars are easy to assemble and perfect for a last minute touch of eek to your decor!

Halloween Terrariums by Today’s Creative Life

A mason jar makes the perfect creepy display with these Halloween terrariums!

Halloween Cookie Jars by Oh My Creative

Mix up a batch of homemade cookie mix and pop it into a festive jar for a unique way to share some cheer this Halloween!

Black Cat Mason Jar by The Inspiration Vault

This tutorial will have you painting some adorable black cat jars, just in time to display at Halloween!

Halloween Lanterns by The Country Chic Cottage

These DIY lanterns are made of a jar, and they certainly hold a ton of festive fun! Paint a few for yourself this fall.

Sugar Skull Mason Jars by Ann’s Entitled Life

These sugar skull jars make for a fantastic decoration to display around the house to add just the right touch to your decor!

Glass Jar Pumpkins by DIY Candy

These jars are super cute and perfect to display all fall! I love that they have a retro vibe to them!

Zombie Mason Jars by Crafts by Amanda

If you are fond of the undead, then this is the perfect mason jar craft for you. The step by step instructions will have you painting a zombie jar in no time!

Mason Jar Monsters by Mommy Made That

This cute monster would be glad to keep an eye on your Halloween candy!

These Halloween mason jar crafts are perfect for the season. They’re easy to make and will last until next year’s Halloween or work as a decoration all winter long! Make your own spooky jars today with these simple tutorials.

Now that you know the tricks of how to make a Halloween mason jar craft, get started on your project! Make sure to share your finished product with us through social media or email. We can’t wait to see what incredible creations you come up with for this spooky holiday. Happy crafting and happy Halloween!

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