15 DIY Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

halloween pumpkin carving ideas

15 DIY Spooky Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Everyone loves a good Spooky Pumpkin idea, so to help get you started my friend from Slapdashmom and I came up with 15 of them! Every year we see the eerie glow of the candles coming out of the eyes of pumpkins all around the neighborhood. This year, you want to out do them. Admit it…it’s okay. It’s just part of our nature to want to do better than someone else with our creative juices.

So, grab your sharpest knife, carving tools, newspapers, and wooden spoons ready and attack those pumpkins! But, before you do…check out this awesome list of ideas and see what you can do better! You know me, I want to see pictures of your results! So, bring them on!

15 Pumpkin Carving Ideas

1. Tetris Pumpkin
2. Vampire Pumpkin
3. Owl Pumpkin
4. Super Hero Pumpkin Carvings
5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Pumpkin
6. Cookie Cutter Pumpkins
7. Beautiful Amor Pumpkin
8. Photo Pumpkins
9. Stencil Carved Pumpkins
10. Pumpkin Gutter Carvings
11. Ghost of Death Pumpkin Carving
12. Puking Pumpkin
13. Cat Pumpkins
14. Batman Pumpkin Carving
15. Angry Birds Pumpkin

I hope you enjoyed these pumpkin treats! Keep up to date with my latest blog posts by signing up for my newsletter! Happy Haunting!

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