25 Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

These creepy & cute outdoor Halloween decorations are exactly what you need this season. Halloween is fast approaching, and it’s time to decorate your home! Why not try some DIY projects to attract and scare the little monsters during the evening of October 31? You can always make my Pumpkin Tea Lights to add a little extra charm to your space.

If you don’t have enough time to DIY Halloween decorations, then try these amazing outdoor Halloween decorations to add those extra chills, thrills, and some cuteness.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations You’ll Scream for

outdoor halloween decorations with zombie hands

Zombie Arm Stakes

These brown-colored zombie hands lawn stakes would be your ideal accumulation for a spooky atmosphere. This Halloween prop piece produces a breakdown from the ground sensation, which enhances scary appearances to your decorations. Love the Walking Dead? Then add these to your yard!

cute ghost hanging from trees

Super Large Halloween Ghost Decorations for Tree

Place the dangling Halyard on tree leaves and, at that moment, bow two arms and back of the ghost to cloak the branches. This is ideal for Halloween tree beautifications, which will appeal attentions of invitees.

scary halloween decorations

Halloween Signs Front Door Decoration Set

If you are searching for a cool way to add some Halloween charm to your front porch, then look no more, as this set of fashionable Halloween outside decorations consists of all of the essentials!

scary big spider halloween lawn decoration

Giant Hairy Spider Halloween Decoration

This is a huge flexible spider with red bead eyes. The definite height varies reliant on how abundant you twist the legs. Impeccable for indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations. Who doesn’t love a big scary spider?

outdoor zombie halloween decoration

Halloween Light-Up Zombie Groundbreaker Animated

Convey ghostly amusement to your Halloween celebration with the help of this prodigious comprehensive undead, energetic Halloween zombie look as if to be floating through the ground in your yard to set the ideal horror scene.

Triangular and Round shaped Spider Webs for Yard

The circular and three-cornered spider web are built from durable, dense nylon material. It’s pleated and unfolded effortlessly, doesn’t twist. These are perfect for the large spiders!

Tall Black Ghost with Skull Mask Decoration

Zest up your Halloween party with the help of your scary dangling ghost, excite your loved ones with a memorable recollection of frightening & amusing Halloween.

Metal Halloween Pumpkin & Ghost Lawn Yard Stake Signs

This Metal Yard Sign comes with two sets of good-quality metal material grip well and robust in all weather situations, tough, water-resistant sign, and recyclable. 

Light Up Holding Hands Screaming Witches Sound-Activated Sensor (Set of 3)

These set of three witches holding big hand in a spooky parade of creepy sisterhood. Perfect for your Halloween celebration or spooky house beautifications.

2 Pack 5 Ft. Halloween Outdoor Decorations Hairy Spider

This set of two massive spiders with red eyes is an excellent Halloween embellishment to add a scary as well as a terrifying atmosphere for your home, school, office, Halloween parties. 

Inflatable Ghost with Pumpkin Blowup Decorations

Expandable Halloween pumpkin Ghost outside Beautification has attention-grabbing cheerful pure white LED lights that mark it look picture-perfect every Holiday night.

Halloween Monster Face Decorations for Outdoor Garage

These Monstrous Face decorations are built from good quality PVC material. They are water-resistant, sturdy, and fray-proof.  It’s so simple, and yet it adds a lot of spookiness.

Scary Spider Decoration Set

The huge spider has bendable legs that will let you place it anyplace you need. With the Intense red eyes and hairy body feels, you’re beautifying will look even more lifelike.

Large Crashing Witch, Funny Backwards Witch for Tree 

Are you searching for an amusing beautification for Halloween? Here is crashing witch, stress-free to beautify your tree in yard or garden.

3 Pack of Ghost Windsocks, Super Cute!

These 18″ Ghost windsock swill be perfect for Halloween trees, pillars, meadow, yard beautifications. The product was built from good-quality bright polyester material, which makes it simple to move and recycle.

Hanging Red Light L.E.D. Skull with Fake Spider and Cocoon

Extremely realistic horror dangling skull, covered in spider cotton, can be adaptably placed and taken aback. This Halloween decor can be flexibly placed and shaken, attracting and frightening intruders, no one will be spared.

Halloween Inflatables Pumpkin Decorations Outdoor – Pumpkin and Witch Hat

Unlike other Halloween inflatable decorations, this one is a tumbler. No matter how much you push this Halloween pumpkin tumbler, it always bounces back with a big smile. This was meant to give everyone a constant smile.

scary zombie signs for the yard

Scary Zombie Yard Stake Signs – 3 Pack

Dual-sided printing creates this set of Signs Yard Stakes appear more genuine and frightening. Built from protected crenelated plastic with the help of a wooden color and includes plastic stakes.  

black cheesecloth for decor

Halloween Creepy Black Spooky Giant Cheesecloth Decorations

This Halloween Scary Cloth is built from first-class and lenient material. The mesh is so thick and unbreakable to come separately that it makes it more tough and recyclable. 

LED witches hats

Halloween Decorations Outdoor Witches Hat – 10 Pack

This UL-certified Halloween witch wizard hat light is built from good quality sturdy polyester materials. These hats are adorable, and are great additions to add to any yard for a Halloween party, or just to put in the yard or trees. They come in different colors, and they’re exactly what you need.

Ghost and pumpkin Halloween blowups

Inflatable Ghost with Pumpkin 8ft, Airblown Inflatable Halloween Blow up Decorations

Glare your trick or treaters this Halloween with the help of joyful light up air is blown expandable pumpkin patch in your front porch. Three friendly ghosts and 4 fierce pumpkins are just what you need to add that Halloween charm to your home and yard!

Halloween LED light sets

Halloween Lights Decoration String Lights, 3 Pack Battery Operated Fairy Lights

3 Set of 30 LEDs fairy string lights are composed of white ghost, purple bats and warm white orange Jack O’Lanterns. Each set of Halloween decorations reach 14.76ft and 90 LED lights and 44.3 ft in total. Spacing between lights remain 5.9inch, ideal for decorating and illuminating inside haunted houses to create a spooky ambiance.

blowup dog halloween outdoor decoration

Adorable 5FT Inflatable Halloween Weenie Dog

This expandable Halloween pumpkin pup will be sure to make everyone smile that walks by, and make every trick or treater want to run to your yard first.

scary outdoor halloween decorations

Crawling Zombie with Bright Eyes Scary Yard Decoration

Trick-or-treaters will freak at the prospect of the undead lively zombie Halloween outside Embellishment. The sliced off decomposing zombie head with arms as an accurate Halloween beautification prop concludes your assortment of corpse portions.

scary halloween doorbell

Haunted Doorbell Animated Eyeball Halloween Decor with Spooky Sounds

Press the button on doorbell, The eye will open with green light and turn around, make scary sounds. This Creepily Fantastic Doorbell will be a Fright This Halloween! I love this so much, and it’s definitely one of my most frightening favorite ones on the list.

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