Best Instant Pot Recipes

Best Instant Pot Recipes is what everyone is looking for. You can find Instant Pot recipes all over the place, but which ones are the most tried and true recipes that actually work without getting that annoying BURN message of death.

There’s nothing more annoying thing in the world to have happen then to get that dreaded message when you have the hopes of creating an amazing meal that you’re creating for your family…or maybe just for yourself to enjoy.

best instant pot recipes: instant pot peanut butter chocolate lava cake

I Took My Hunt for the Best Instant Pot Recipes to Pinterest!

Yes. Good ol’ Pinterest. Oh, how I LOVE thee!

If go to Pinterest, you’ll find a TON of Instant Pot recipes, and you’ll see some that say, “The Best Instant Pot Recipes” for you to make and all that Jazz. However, if you visit the sites, there always seems to be some kind of issue with them. Whether it’s too much pasta, or not enough liquid…or just a little bland.

When I was looking for what I considered to be some of the best instant pot recipes out there in the world, I took some things into consideration:

  • The reviews & comments left by people that actually made the recipes
  • The cooking method that they used. Did they use everything properly?
  • Clear cut instructions where no one is left to assume anything

Those are just to name a few.

Yes, some of these Best Instant Pot recipes are super popular, but many people have made them and loved them. You’ll also be able to find some recipes that you might have seen before, and I love it when that happens!

I hope you find some new recipes to enjoy and share with everyone.

The Best Instant Pot Recipes You’ll Love Making

I hope you enjoy these best instant pot recipes, and start cooking them now! If you’ve made any of these recipes, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Save These Best Instant Pot Recipes on Pinterest!

The best instant pot recipes collage for pinterest

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