10 Best Blondie Recipes You Gotta Make!

Indulge in the sweet and buttery goodness of these 10 blondies recipes! From classic chocolate chip to fun variations like peanut butter and funfetti, these blondies are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Whether you’re a novice baker or a seasoned pro, these recipes are easy to follow and sure to impress. Get ready to bake up a delicious batch of blondies!

Funfetti Blondies

Image Credit: Liv’s Little Muffins

Funfetti blondies have notes of butterscotch, brown sugar and vanilla for a delicious sweet treat. This recipe is loaded with sprinkles for a colorful look and all of the fun of cake batter. I know you will love this easy homemade recipe.

Get the recipe: Funfetti blondies.

Blueberry Blondies

Image Credit: Kelly Neil

This recipe for blueberry blondies combines the buttery base of blondies with juicy blueberries and white chocolate chips. The results are nothing short of dreamy. You can make these with frozen or fresh berries for a dessert that pops with great fruity flavor.

Get the recipe: Blueberry blondies

Ruby Chocolate Blondies

Image Credit: Sheri Silver

Did you know there are four kinds of chocolate? Ruby is the latest offering in the chocolate world, and it is wonderful. It has a creamy strawberry flavor with the prettiest ruby color. Adding it to blondies is such a wonderful idea for an elegant dessert, but be sure to break off a chunk of ruby chocolate to sample before baking!

Get the recipe: Ruby chocolate blondies.

M&M Oatmeal Blondies

Image Credit: The Art of Natural Living

This recipe for oatmeal blondies is so delicious. It has a buttery, sweet bar cookie base, and is just a smidge healthier as some of the flour is replaced by oatmeal. The combination of brown sugar, oatmeal and vanilla is yummy, and the M&M candy mix ins are the most colorful way to finish this treat.

Get the recipe: M&M oatmeal blondies

White Chocolate Biscoff Blondies

Image Credit: Chenee Today

If you are a fan of biscoff cookies or spread, this blondie recipe will be one you must make! It has white chocolate chunks added into the buttery cookie base. This is such a delicious and easy recipe to make when you crave cookie butter flavor, and it keeps well at room temperature for several days, so you can continue snacking all week.

Get the recipe: White chocolate biscoff blondies

Strawberry Thyme Blondies

Image Credit: Live to Sweet

Browned butter blondies sound pretty good as is, but that is only the base of this recipe. The best homemade blondies are topped with a strawberry thyme mascarpone mousse that is so creamy and rich. It is such a pretty pink color that you almost won’t want to eat it, but after one taste, you won’t be able to resist having another!

Get the recipe: Strawberry thyme blondies.

Brown Butter Cashed Blondies

Image Credit: Peanut Butter and Julie

Adding cashews to browned butter blondies adds the perfect texture and crunch. They are bursting with luscious butterscotch flavor and have the perfect salty note to balance the incredible sweetness. After trying one, they will be a regular on your baking rotation.

Get the recipe: Brown butter cashew blondies

Raspberry Lemon Blondies

Image Credit: Whiskful Cooking

Raspberry and lemon make perfect partners to make these blondies. They have a bright and zesty lemon flavor that compliments the sweet juicy berries so well. Add a pretty pink raspberry frosting to the top for a vibrant summer dessert.

Get the recipe: Raspberry lemon blondies

Eggnog Blondies

Image Credit: Cinnamon and Sage Co.

This blondie recipe has a gooey, buttery base with the perfect spice of eggnog. Add chopped nuts for a great blend of textures in each bite. This recipe is so easy to recreate at home that you will want to bake it for the holidays to share with your friends, family, neighbors and maybe even Santa himself.

Get the recipe: Eggnog blondies

Caramel Apple Blondies

Image Credit: Boston Girl Bakes

This buttery blondie recipe is bursting with caramel apple flavors for the perfect fall treat. These are easier to eat than caramel apples but deliver on the taste. Pair with hot apple cider for a cozy combination that no one can resist.

Get the recipe: Caramel apple blondies


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