11 Baked Beans Recipes For Your Next BBQ

Baked beans are a versatile and delicious Summer side dish that can be enjoyed at any gathering, whether it’s a casual barbecue or a potluck dinner. With their sweet, savory, and saucy flavor, baked beans are the perfect addition to any meal. While you may already have a favorite recipe, there are countless ways to prepare this classic dish – and here’s a few ways to try!

Instant Pot Pork and Beans

Image Credit: FoodnService

Instant Pot Pork and Beans is an old fashioned side dish that I love making!  This is a homemade version of the side dishes that you grew up eating. This makes a great additional side item with my Southern Style potato salad!

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Pork and Beans

Root Beer Baked Beans

Image Credit: The Magical Slow Cooker

This is such a tasty slow cooker baked bean recipe. It uses a can of root beer to add a lovely tangy flavor that compliments any BBQ meal. This baked bean recipe also has molasses and bacon for added depth and a yummy smokiness.

Get the recipe: Root beer baked beans.

British Style Baked Beans

Image Credit: In the Kitch

British style baked beans make a yummy side or toast topping. You can make these in your electric skillet or on the stovetop with simple ingredients like carrots, garlic and canned navy beans.

Get the recipe: British style baked beans.

Dr. Pepper Baked Beans

Image Credit: Two Pink Peonies

Add the perfect blend of sweet and spicy to homemade baked beans with this easy recipe. It uses Dr. Pepper soda for an easy flavor upgrade. Serve these baked beans with all of the classic BBQ foods like burgers, chicken and hot dogs.

Get the recipe: Dr. Pepper baked beans.

Maple Miso Baked Beans

Image Credit: Kitchen Treaty

This is such a delicious way to make baked beans. With a sweetness from the maple, some umami from the miso, and a thick rich sauce, this baked bean recipe creates an explosion of great flavors in each bite.

Get the recipe: Maple miso baked beans.

Apple Pie Baked Beans

Image Credit: XOXO Bella

This is not your mama’s baked bean recipe. It has saucy beans, spicy jalapeno rings and a unique ingredient that adds a lovely sweetness; apple pie filling. You will love this unique baked bean recipe on the side of a variety of meals from burgers to chicken.

Get the recipe: Apple pie baked beans.

Texas Style Pinto Beans

Image Credit: Sense and Edibility

You will want to make this pinto bean recipe asap. It delivers bold Texas sized flavors in a saucy side that pairs well with anything you want to serve it with! These beans have sausage, bacon, soda pop and green peppers to make the sauciest beans. Make these for an easy meal on their own, or to serve on the side of BBQ.

Get the recipe: Texas style pinto beans.

Baked Bean Muffins

Image Credit: A Mummy Too

This is such a unique twist on baked beans. Instead of serving them in a yummy sauce, it bakes them into the most tender and tasty muffins. You will want to serve these as the bread course with so many meals. Your family will reach for a second everytime you prepare them.

Get the recipe: Baked bean muffins.

BBQ Bacon Baked Beans

Image Credit: Cook Dinner Tonight

Adding bacon and bbq sauce to baked beans is a recipe for a hearty and tasty side dish. This recipe is smoky, tangy and so delicious with a kick of garlic and rotel tomatoes. You will want to take this to all of your summer get togethers and potlucks.

Get the recipe: BBQ bacon baked beans.

Air Fryer Baked Beans

Image Credit: Dinners Done Quick

Did you know you can make baked beans in your air fryer? This recipe is perfect for the hottest days of the year when you can’t bring yourself to turn on the oven. It makes a smaller batch in case you just need a side dish for dinner instead of potluck sized portions.

Get the recipe: Air fryer baked beans.

Coconut Curry Baked Beans

Image Credit: Kitchen Treaty

Add a yummy twist to a classic like baked beans. This recipe uses coconut milk, brown sugar and a blend of curry spices that make this summertime staple dish better than ever. They have a thick and tangy sauce like you expect, but the curry spices bring the perfect heat to balance the sweetness.

Get the recipe: Coconut curry baked beans.


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