The Most Adorable Star Wars Dog Costumes

I love dressing up my dogs in costumes, and these Star Wars dog costumes makes me want to buy them all! Ubi loves it more than Delilah (she just tolerates me when I do it lol). You already should know that I have an obsession of dressing my dogs in Halloween costumes, but now I can add in my love of Star Wars!

Even when the franchise went into slightly weird directions, and is single handedly responsible for the creation of Jar Jar Binks, I still was a fan, through it all. I call that stage in Star Wars, “The Time the Force was Cloudy.” It helps me forgive them.

You’re going to fall in love with all of these Star Wars dog costumes! You’ll find everything from an AT-AT, a Yoda, A Chewie, an R2-D2, and so much more! I hope you enjoy my awesome finds, as much as I had fun searching them out.

These Star Wards Dog Costumes are the Droids You’re looking for!

Of course, we have to start with the Star Wars droid costumes, and then to the other fabulously adorable costumes. Because these are the literal droids you’re looking for, and you’re going to buy your dog all of these Halloween costumes.

1. Star Wars R1-D2 Dog Costume

I love how they brought R2-D2 alive in this costume, including the hat to help complete his whole look. My Ubi loves wearing a hat, so hopefully yours will, too!

2. Star Wars Classic C-3PO Dog Costume

Your pet doesn’t have to be fluent in over six million forms of communication, to win your heart but they can still look the part of the classic Star Wars C3PO in this step-in pet jumpsuit and matching hood.

3. BB-8 Star Wars Dog Costume

Your Rolly Polly fur baby will look totally adorable in this BB-8 dog costume. It’s easy to slide on in, and attach the hat on his or her ears.

4. Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Costume

Princess Leia, known as one of the Rebel Alliance’s greatest leaders, your pet will be transformed into one of the galaxies greatest leaders with this costume dress…and I’m totally here for it! Can we talk about the hair buns, and how much I love it?!

5. Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume

This Ewok Dog Costume will turn even the cutest dog into a fierce warrior from Endor! This classic costume is the perfect homage to the original Star Wars trilogy that is ideal for dogs that are both adorable and intense. It’s so amazing and perfect.

6. Darth Vader Pet Costume With Removable Cape

The Darth Vader Dog Costume is made to comfortably fit your dog to ensure that dressing up is a fun experience for the both of you, and will turn the cutest dog to the Dark side!

7. Yoda Dog Costume with Plush Arms and Ears

This costume has all the pieces you need for your dog to become the green Jedi master you need in your life. Love it, you will!

8. Storm Trooper Dewback Costume

This Storm Trooper riding a dewback costume made me so amazingly happy to see! Have you seen anything more adorable than these protectors of the Galactic empire?

9. Bantha Dog Costume

This Bantha dog costume is great, and so easy to put on your pooch. It has two pieces: an attachable head piece, and a middle piece that has velcro for attachment.

9. Jedi Robe Dog Costume

You’ll love your pooch using the Force as a Jedi master in the perfectly crafted Jedi Robe dog costume. This is one where I would actually wear a matching Jedi robe with my dog.

10. Fuzzy Chewbacca Hoodie Dog Costume

What Star Wars dog costume collection would be complete with a Chewbacca costume in the mix? So, you mean…I’m telling you to put more fur on fur baby? Yes! Look how cute!

11. Han Solo Dog Costume

What’s a Chewbacca costume, without having the sidekick of a Han Solo Dog costume? If you have two dogs, why not dress them up as the world’s most amazing Galactic partners?

12. At-At Dog Costume

Your little (or big) fur baby is going to looking great in this at-at dog costume! It’s ready to go war for the fight for the Empire.

There’s definitely a lot more Star Wars styled dog costumes that are completely adorable, but these happen to be my favorite.

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