12 Easy and Delicious Ways to Cook Artichokes

Discover 12 creative and delicious artichoke recipes to elevate your cooking game! From creamy artichoke dips to flavorful stuffed artichokes, this collection has something for every occasion. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply looking to switch up your weeknight dinner routine, these recipes are sure to impress. Embrace the yummy and versatile flavor of artichokes with these mouthwatering dishes.

1 Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Image Credit: The Slow Roasted Italian

This copycat recipe tastes exactly like the popular appetizer at Olive Garden. If that is one of your favorites, then you are going to love having a whole dish of this to share. It is creamy, cheesy and pairs so well with toast or tortilla chips.

Get the recipe: Spinach artichoke dip.

2 White Bean Artichoke Dip

Image Credit: A Cedar Spoon

This is such a flavorful yet easy dip. Add white beans, parmesan cheese, garlic and artichoke to your food processor and zip them into a creamy, smooth dip. Serve with veggies, pita triangles or even chips for a snack or starter. You can also spread this on bread for a tasty addition to sandwiches.

Get the recipe: White bean artichoke dip.

3 White Bean Artichoke Skillet

Image Credit: Nourish and Fete

This skillet dish is ultra easy to prepare and is full of wholesome ingredients like white beans, artichoke hearts, kale and tomatoes. The results are filling, delicious and best of all, this recipe is on the table in a half an hour for fuss free homemade food.

Get the recipe: White bean artichoke skillet.

4 Pasta with Lamb and Artichokes

Image Credit: The Pasta Project

This simple pasta has so much flavor. With lamb chunks, perfectly cooked pasta and artichokes, this meal requires little preparations and has a delectable taste that makes your next pasta night extra special.

Get the recipe: Pasta with lamb and artichokes

5 Mediterranean Baked Fish

Image Credit: A Forked Spoon

This baked fish recipe is so colorful and tasty. It makes a great weeknight meal, and is ready in just about 35 minutes. You will love the zesty flavor that lemons and capers add to the tomatoes, white fish and artichokes. This makes a one dish meal that the family will happily dig into.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean baked fish.

6 Antipasti Salad

Image Credit: Like Mother Like Daughter

This salad is a great side, but it is so tasty you might want to make it the main course of the meal. With black olives, tomatoes, artichokes and deli meats and chunks of cheese, you will love the chunky texture and assortment of flavors you might find in any bite.

Get the recipe: Antipasti salad.

7 Artichoke Chicken Salad

Image Credit: Grits and Gouda

Adding artichokes to chicken salad makes a delicious upgrade to a classic lunchtime staple.This recipe combines shredded rotisserie chicken with the creaminess of artichoke parmesan dip for a cool and creamy sandwich filling that pairs well with fruit or chips on the side.

Get the recipe: Artichoke chicken salad

8 Shaved Artichoke Salad

Image Credit: Cooking My Dreams

You only need twenty minutes to make this simple yet satisfying salad. With shaved artichokes, cheese and a lovely lemon dressing, this dish is great as a side, and despite being so simple, you can serve it at a holiday meal and get rave reviews from your guests.

Get the recipe: Shaved artichoke salad

9 Creamy Artichoke Soup

Image Credit: Adore Foods

Add artichokes to the soup course with this super creamy and tasty recipe. It is ready in thirty minutes and is best served with a scoop of sour cream on the top for added depth and creaminess.

Get the recipe: Creamy artichoke soup.

10 Lemon and Artichoke Pesto Pasta

Image Credit: Nuts and Twigs

Skip the red sauce and make pasta tonight with an assortment of fresh flavors. With lemon, pesto and artichoke and basil, this dish is satisfying and ready in just twenty minutes for fast food, made at home.

Get the recipe: Lemon artichoke pesto pasta

11 Fried Artichoke Hearts

Image Credit: Adore Foods

You don’t need to go out to get a great fried artichoke heart. This recipe will have you making them at home, and frying them to golden brown perfection. Serve with salsa verde for an appetizer that will only make your appetite grow for the next course.

Get the recipe: Fried artichoke hearts.

12 Creamy Seafood Artichoke Linguine

Image Credit: 100 Days of Real Foods

Make this pasta dish with whitefish, artichokes and plenty of cheese. This recipe is so fresh and tasty that you will feel like you have been treated to a wonderful restaurant quality meal, from your own kitchen. This dish is ready in forty minutes for a fresh and delicious dinner.

Get the recipe: Seafood artichoke linguine

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