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Stop And Turn Around

You Are Enough.

The Power Of Choice

Every day I look through my Facebook feed and I have to take a minute to step back and digest it all. I see many people complaining about one thing or another, having a gripe fest, standing on a soap box, ranting & yelling about topics, and

basically talking a lot of stuff that builds upon negativity.

I’m just like the rest of you. I wake groggy, tired, overwhelmed, stressed, and the list goes on and on. But here’s the difference. I’ve always given myself 2 choices in life when I get out of bed (and have my coffee, of course):
1. I can choose to have a crappy day filled with a negative attitude.
2. I can look upon today as new day filled with a positive approach.

99.99% of the time, I choose #2
If you don’t like where you are in life, or if something is weighing you down, or if you feel you have no other alternatives…then I would like to enlighten you on the Power of Choice.
“You are exactly where you are in life because you Choose to be there.”
This quote has stuck in my head for over 24 years now from when I first heard it.
I learned a long time ago, that we have the power of choice and how lead our lives. If we don’t like where we are in life, we can make a decision to choose a different path. If you know me sincerely & personally, then you know I’ve not had an easy life. I’ve not had things handed to me at all. I worked hard for it…and it wasn’t easy in trying to change my way of thinking about life.
I choose to be kind to others and show constant love, gratitude, humility, generosity, graciousness, and thankfulness. It honestly doesn’t take long at all to do so. I feel that people are always looking for a human touch, a connection, or a simple wavelength of understanding.
There are so many greater things in life to worry about, so why worry about the smaller things in life that doesn’t add to the value and quality that you are as a person? Why give someone else the power to affect you in such a manner? Why care what other people think about your life? It is your life, and you should absolutely live it it’s fullest potential that you don’t even know exists yet.
We stay stuck in our everyday routine, but we don’t have to be stuck. We can actually erase the word stuck from our vocabulary and add all of these other amazing adjectives to it.
Don’t let anyone else define you…define your own self.
I give to you a challenge. Whenever you go some place, stop and turn around. Someone could need a smile, hello, hug, handshake, a door held open…and so many other small things. Use the phrase “Thank you” more often. It will make a huge difference in someone’s day, whether you know it or not. You see, I feel that someone is waiting for you to reach out to them. You make a difference in someone else’s life…and may not even realize it yet. Though, you should know that you absolutely make a difference in mine…and help me become a stronger person every day.
So, Don’t get caught up in cycle of life that you feel you “have” to live. Create a change and BECOME the cycle of life.
Always stay true to whom you are as a person, and nothing can stop you.
Stop and Turn around.

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  1. I love this David! And I love you and meeting you at BlogHer was a breath of fresh air! Thank you for being YOU and sharing your choice of happiness!! Keep spreading your amazing magic and I hope to see you again soon!!❤️

    1. Aww! Thank you so much Camille! You’re such a sweetheart, and I so greatly appreciate it! I’ll always continue showing love and happiness 🙂
      I can’t wait for us to meet again!

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