25 Most Haunted Places In America

most haunted places in america

25 Most Haunted Places In America

Haunted Houses have intrigued us all for so many years. I watch so many shows about haunted houses and places on TV that I decided to put a list together of what I consider to be the most haunted places in America, including more than just houses. It’s always great fun when knowing that Halloween is just around the corner. And we all know that there’s nothing better than going on Google and reading up on haunted houses and scary stories to help send those tingles and chills down our spine and through our body. You’re probably wondering if I believe in Ghosts, and my answer is Yes! I’ve experienced different hauntings from working in a couple of restaurants down in Savannah, GA and even a few in different homes that I’ve lived in or visited.

I still remember the one time that literally freaked the bejesus out of me! I was about 16 or 17 years old. My mom and sisters went to go and spend the night at our Aunt’s house. No big deal to me. I loved it! I got the house all to myself an no one else to worry about, at least…that’s what I thought. After endless hours of playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on my Nintendo (no…I’m not TRYING to age myself, but I guess just did! Ha!), and I was getting ready for bed. As normal, I locked front door and back door. I closed and locked all of the windows. I turned of the lights and then went to my bedroom. As a precaution, I closed and locked my bedroom door. You never know what could happen. Just in case someone broke into the house, I would be given ample time to escape out my bedroom window (which was ground floor, so I wouldn’t be hurt). I turned off my bedroom light and went to sleep. This was probably around 11pm at night. I slowly woke up because I felt a light on. It was my bedroom light. If anyone knows me, I can not sleep with the light on at all. It’s like my skin can feel it…and it just doesn’t work for my body. I looked up and noticed my bedroom door was open and the hallway light was on. The first thing I thought was that they came home while I was asleep and had changed their mind about sleeping over…maybe one of my sisters got sick. So, I called out, “Mom?” I got no answer. I tried again, “Hello…mom?” I still got no answer. So, I got out of bed and went into my closet and retrieved my baseball bat. I was checking out the scene and noticed that the hallway light, the living room light and the kitchen light were all on. I knew I had turned them off, but I was tired…and a “Maybe I forgot to turn them off” thought entered my head. So, I double checked everything to make sure they were locked. Yup…they were. I immediately turned off all the lights again, closed and locked my bedroom door, turned off the lights, grabbed my baseball bat and went back to bed. A few hours later, closer to 5:30am, I woke up again…I felt the light on. I opened my eyes…and it was! My bedroom door was open, the hallway light was on, the kitchen light was on and the living light was on again. I politely got my stuff together, and went running outside. I wasn’t waiting for answer from my mom. I left so fast that I left the front door open…and I saw in the parking spot in front of our house until they came home at 8:30am. I told my mom what happened when I came home…and she believed me. I was too scared to go back into the house by myself again…I just couldn’t do it.

Now that I’ve told you my story, here’s a list of places that you HAVE to read about! You might have heard about most from TV shows and heard about them from different stories…or, you might have even visited them during Halloween! Do you have a Ghost story? TELL ME!! I would love to know! Here’s the list of the most Haunted Places in America for you to enjoy “visiting” online. Be prepared though…you might have to sleep with the lights on tonight!

The Most Haunted Places In America

1. Winchester Mystery House (Photo Credit: John Pozniak)

winchester haunted mystery house 2. Eastern State Penitentiary (Photo Credit: Thesab)

eastern state penitentiary haunted 3. Waverly Hills Sanitorium (Photo Credit: Kris Arnold)

waverly hills sanitorium haunted4. Alcatraz Prison, CA (Photo Credit: Elwood J. Blues)

alcatraz prison haunted

5. The Stanley Hotel, CO (Photo Credit: Susan Gerbic)

stanely hotel haunted
6. Bell Witch Cave, Tennessee (Photo Credit: Wayne Hsieh)

bell witch cave haunted
7. Lincoln Theater, Illinois (Photo Credit: Daniel O’Neil)

lincoln theater haunted
8. Myrtle Plantation (Photo Credit: CKing81)

myrtle plantation haunted
9. Moundsville Penitentiary, West Virgina (Photo Credit: Mike Sharp)

moundsville penitentiary haunted
10. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Photo Credit: Mendeux)

trans allegheny asylum haunted
11. Villisca Axe Murder House (Photo Credit: Jo Naylor)

villisca axe murder house haunted
12. Sammie Dean, Jerome, Arizona (Photo Credit: Bernanrd Gagnon)

sammie dean jerome arizona haunted city
13. Cuban Club,Tampa (Ybor), Florida (Photo Credit: Ebyabe)

cuban club haunted florida
14. Fort Mifflin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Photo Credit: Jlim06)

fort mifflin PA haunted
15. Manhattan Bistro New York, New York

(Sorry, I wasn’t not able to to get permissions to use photo. BUT, there is one in the provided heading link)
16. Moon River Brewery Savannah, Georgia

moon River Brewery haunted
Moon River Brewery – Haunted! Photo Credit: Wendy

17. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, Illinois (Photo Credit: Cobra97)

bachelors grove cemetery haunted
18. Linda Vista Hospital, Los Angeles, CA (Photo Credit: Los Angeles)

linda vista hospital haunted
19. LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans (Photo Credit: Dropd)

lalaurie mansion haunted
20. The Amityvile House (Photo Credit: Nick P.)

amityville house haunted
21. The Perron Family Farm House (Photo Credit: Andrea Perron)

perron family haunted the conjuring 22. The Hundley House (Photo Credit: David Hoffman)

hundley house haunted
23. The Joshua Ward House (Photo Credit: Swampyank)

joshua ward house haunted

24. Winona State University (Photo Credit: Johnathunder)

winona state university haunted phelps hall
25. Bobby Mackey’s Bar – Hell’s Gates (Photo Credit: Tabitha Hawk)

bobby mackey's most haunted place

Thanks for reading! Sleep well tonight! Bwahahahahahahaahahahaha! <Insert Maniacal Laughter>

**A very special extra thanks for everyone in allowing me to use their pictures, and allowing me to alter most to add a “scary” effect with typographical usage. Please keep up the awesome work!**

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    1. Hi Becky!
      Yes…the original photographer was confused when he sent me the photo. I am patiently waiting upon another to arrive and replace it. TY so much! 🙂

  1. Hi. #20 is not the Amityville house if you are referring to the tragedy that happened to the Defeos and then the Lutze’s hauntings in the ’70’s. I had a friend that lived 4 houses down that I would visit often and we would frequently take walks by it. It has been renovated of course, but hasn’t changed too much – mostly the removal of the triangular windows on the third floor and change of color. You can see the current and past pictures of the house at this link (don’t mistake the ones used in the movie though. It’s just a beige house with regular windows on the top floor now). http://imgkid.com/amityville-house-today-2014.shtml

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